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FliK (20th August – 20th September)

ICO HAS CLOSED! 800 ETH RAISED 4,000,000 FLIK TOKENS SOLD            “FLiK Receives Private Investment; Updates ICO For every FLIK token you purchase, you will receive 9 additional FLIK tokens at the conclusion of the sale.” READ MORE FLiK Entertainment Revolution   FLiK is an end-to-end entertainment …

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The ICO of the year is approaching

Internxt aims to create a new internet creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure which hosts websites, files and apps in a more secure, private and efficient way. Right now, the internet is organized in a way that websites, files and apps on are being hosted usually on centralized servers owned by …

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MediBond (5th August – 5th September)

          HEALTHCARE IN YOUR HANDS Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience, through the blockchain   Features Here’s what makes us different from the rest. Verification System The full implementation of a trinary multisignature protocol that will require a sign off from all parties (Insurance, Pharmacies, Doctors) involved in the …

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POSWallet 2.0: Week 30 Update

Update: As multiple national governments are now requiring online coin/token exchanges to register as securities exchanges, the exchange will be disabled on 7/30/17 while we work through all of the required paperwork to comply with these new regulations. On this date, all existing exchange orders will be cancelled and all coins …

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POSWallet 2.0: Ledger Update

We have some awesome news for POSW and 2.0! First off, the custom Ledger wallets with the POSW laser marking look REALLY good. Secondly, ETH integration is complete and will launch with PoSWallet 2.0. This means that when ETH switches to PoS, you will be able to group stake …

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POSWallet 2.0: Post 3

We apologize for being a few days late on the next post in this series – but here it is! There has been a ton of action in the cryptocurrency space over the past week or so – huge price swings in BTC, ETH, LTC (and frankly, everything else) plus …

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