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POSWallet 2.0: Post 2

Now that we touched on where we think the big players are heading this year, let’s take a minute and focus on some of our goals for POSW. We are taking a multi-faceted approach with the main goal being: make POSW useful outside the ecosystem of In the third …

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Creditbit Status Update #3

–== Creditbit status update ==— DEVELOPMENT PROGRESS REVIEW Dear Community, We are working hard to develop all the Smart Contracts and CreditBit features that we promissed, here are some abstracts on our progress. CreditDAO and CreditIDENTITY Smart Contracts are almost finished, due to interlacing of both we had to develop …

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PoSWallet 2.0 Block Explorer

We finished adding a few more features to the PoSWallet 2.0 Block Explorer after the initial round of feedback – slight delay to fix a few more bugs, we need 1-2 more days to finish. We will have a bug bounty once it is rolled out.

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Lykke (LKK)

What is Lykke? Is a movement to build a global marketplace for all assets and instruments. Our marketplace will use the distributed ledger technology pioneered by Bitcoin to offer immediate settlement and direct ownership. The ultimate goal of Lykke is to enable every person in the world to have market …

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PoSW Coin (PoSW)

  EXCHANGES   About is an online staking wallet serving up more than 70 of the most common PoS altcoins, along with block explorers and faucets for each coin. There are NO deposit or withdrawal fees for users – revenue is generated via a flat fee on staking plus …

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BLOG | SLACK | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | QQ DESCRIPTION DECENT is a Decentralized Content Distribution Platform that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure security. Intended for creative people, authors, bloggers, publicists and their fans and followers it allows borderless publishing of any text, picture, video or …

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Iconomi (ICN)

        EXCHANGES   ICO CROWDSALE STARTED August 25, 2016 at 08.00 UTC; ENDED September 29, 2016 20.00 UTC ICONOMI’s mission is to provide an opportunity for investors looking for high profits, not possible in the old economy. It will do so through a simple and trustworthy entry point, providing them …

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POSWallet 2.0: Post 1

In the first part of this series, we want to touch on where we think cryptocurrency is going and how it is going to change society over the next year or so. We are planning 3-4 segments that touch on different aspects of crypto and how POSW and POSWallet 2.0 …

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PoSWallet 2.0 Updates

We will have more details on the focus for PoSWallet 2.0 rolling out in a series of posts over the next week! Stay tuned – we have lots of ideas around where crypto is going and what will/won’t work to make crypto mainstream. In the short term, there will only …

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