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Missing Transactions Reminder

If you are missing a transaction, there are a few options to get it added quickly. First try refreshing the block via the profile page, then waiting 15 minutes. 99% of the time, this solves all of the problems. If this does not work, please either join Slack and talk …

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Updates and new code

Rolling out the next codebase version today – the following changes affect the frontend: ICO system – including the LIMITED EDITION PoSW Hardware wallet. Will be online tonight. Advertising page shows previous user campaigns Wallet transaction ID display bugs fixed Membership in profile correctly displays if multiple memberships purchased Support …

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PIVX Update

With the PIVX rewards system, it is more profitable for users to have PIVX in their own staking wallet, especially with > 10,000 as a masternode. Because of this, we are going to delist PIVX from Please start withdrawing your PIVX now – we will make sure all users …

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Creditbit Status Update #2

Greetings community, again… brace for updates… –== Creditbit status update ==— We have added a new subpage for you to understand CreditDAO a little bit better –> CreditDAO, tell us what you think… After community feedback we have also redesigned the old Creditbit subpage –> Creditbit, tell us what you …

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New coins, updating coins, next payout block

Next ‘dividends’ block is 240,000 – should be on 4/28 or 4/29. Original estimate block was 235k, was a bit too early based on block time over the pat few days. With the PIVX stake rewards per block reducing soon, it will most likely be more profitable for users with …

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Newsletter and Coins

April newsletter coming out soon. 808, SPRTS, and NAV will all be back online this weekend. Multiple coins are being removed due to inactivity – will identify them and give users multiple weeks to withdraw. More info to come.

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Limit increases

We are in the process of upgrading our verification system – in the meantime we will be rolling out daily withdrawal limit increases to users. Please sign up for 2FA for a higher daily withdrawal rate. Even higher rates will be available soon. Please bear with us while we make …

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Creditbit News from Livecoin

Dear clients, deposits/withdrawals of CRBIT are available. Please take a note that old wallets are not available now, since we’re on the new network now. Do not send coins to old wallets/old network, otherwise you’ll lose it.

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