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Limit increases

We are in the process of upgrading our verification system – in the meantime we will be rolling out daily withdrawal limit increases to users. Please sign up for 2FA for a higher daily withdrawal rate. Even higher rates will be available soon. Please bear with us while we make …

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Creditbit News from Livecoin

Dear clients, deposits/withdrawals of CRBIT are available. Please take a note that old wallets are not available now, since we’re on the new network now. Do not send coins to old wallets/old network, otherwise you’ll lose it.

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New Coins and Updates

A couple new user voted coins (including CLAMS) will be on line this weekend. Two support members are currently out, so ticket times may increase slightly. Upgrade to the transfer system and more useful exchange history information be rolled out over the next few days.

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Please withdraw ALL CRBIT – we do not yet support the CRBIT swap. The swap time ends in a few days. Found an issue with recording stakes in the PIVX wallet – will fix in the next 1-2 hours and get the coins distributed. Apologize for the delay.

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Creditbit Status Update #1

Greetings community, there has been some time since our last post, but we haven’t been sleeping, so brace for updates!! –== Creditbit status update ==— Have you seen, the new Creditbit sub page (, tell us what you think… We have also added the Parity installation and implementation guide to …

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Wallet maintenance

Adding more nodes of certain coins – may see more coins than usual down for maintenance. This will be finished by 4/6. This will be finished by 4/6. XMG and VRC will be consistently up and running by this weekend. NAV wallet halted due to fork with new wallet release – …

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Wallet/Exchange Updates

We are rolling out a new security system – some transactions may get flagged for review during this period. We will review quickly and get them processed. More than 50 coins will be added to the exchange this weekend. Verification system is undergoing testing – please bear with us while …

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