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Exchange Announcement

Exchange is live for beta testers – beta testers can transfer coins into their exchange balance on the Wallet page and trade with the open exchange pairs. Exchange balance can be transferred back to staking accounts and withdrawn. Please report any issues via the support center.

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Next dividend block – 181,000

Monthly dividends will be paid out to all POSW holders as of block 181,000 (late Sunday night). Make sure you get PoSW before that block hits – coins in an external exchange may not receive dividends. LiveCoin is our primary external exchange for trading POSW.

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Mojo upgraded, exchange this week for beta testers

The MOJO wallet has been upgraded (was a 10:1 swap) and all balances have been reduced by a factor of 10. Please make sure you withdraw to an update MOJO wallet. The live exchange will be online for beta testers this weekend. We will be adding new coin pairs over …

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Adding CLAMS and Other Updates

CLAMS received 1000 votes in the Add Coin section and is currently being compiled! We also added CRBIT and the MOJO swap is complete, so expect that wallet to be back online soon. LiveCoin is now our primary exchange for trading POSW – we are also working on being added …

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BOScoin (10th May – 20th June)

The Fundraiser has successfully ended.           Overview BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform for Trust Contracts. “Trust Contracts” will provide a decidable and approachable framework for creating and executing contracts on the blockchain. The “Congress Network” is aimed towards creating a more democratic and productive decision making process. And the …

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New Exchange

POSW is now listed on one of the largest exchanges: Livecoin. Check if out before the price goes up, still some cheap POSW.

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New features: Memberships and PoSWs Shares

New features: Memberships and PoSWs (shares of Both offer really cool benefits that either give new features or increase your earnings! Learn more about both of these features in the PoSWallet Slack.

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