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Qtum (16th March – 15th April)
 Qtum (Quantum) is an open source, decentralized project that aims to capitalize on the success of Bitcoin, while competing for the Decentralized Application (DAPP) and Smart Contract market.  Our goal is to work with industry partners, and launch the first Value Transfer Protocol (VTP).  This will …

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New exchange code coming, PoSWallet Slack, Facebook

Join us in the PoSWallet Slack (Get invite here) and check out our official Facebook page! New round of exchange code will be uploaded tonight to address the open bugs. Please start testing again around 11pm EST – submit bug reports as you find them. Updated all user accounts to …

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Update on Exchange, Banners, and News

Exchange is open for testing for all users. Each BITB/PoSW address has 1000 of each coin (if you don’t have a BITB/PoSW address, make one and we will give you 1000 too). Please go test it out and open tickets in the support center with any bugs! The real exchange …

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Add new coin feature added

Check it out from the left menu. Please submit all new coin requests through this form – if you find a bug, send us a bug report in the support center (we will give a bounty for these).

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Exchange is OPEN for beta testers (folks with >250k PoSW)

Head on over to the exchange (link on left menu) and test it out. The exchange is currently set up with one market pair – DRM/TRU – two made up coins that allow for testing functionality. Please leave any bug reports/comments in the support center – we are giving bounties. …

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Koles Coin News (KCN)

Koles Coin News opens the spaces of global financial relations.  KCNews – cryptocurrencies’ and digital finance’s world under the lens of information.

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