For Sale

CoinPayments has a vision and goal of making crypto broadly accessible to the both consumers & merchants through smart integrations with great companies in the digital money ecosystem. 

So adding PoSW Coin to CoinPayments was the best decision possible in order to make merchants learn about it and adopt it as an alternative way of payment! 

CoinPayments is probably the best Integrated payment merchant gateway for CryptoCurrencies, with over 65 supported Coins, PoSW Coin Included! Shopping Cart Plugins for all the popular web carts used today and so much more.

In order to attract more merchants to use PoSW Coin as a payments method through CoinPayments, we decided to make a really Generous offer to them. Every Merchant that implements PoSW Coin through CoinPayments will get:

An Entire Month of Free Advertisement within the PoSWallet Platform, giving them Access to more than 40,000 Active Users of the Platform!


If you are a Merchant and you implemented PoSW Coin in your online shop, click the below image and fill the form.