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Inserviss Platform ( is a global service marketplace that connects service providers (barbers, nail and hair care specialists, massage specialists, dentists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, private tutors, teachers, personal trainers,  etc) and customers online.

Inserviss allows service providers to create profiles, publish their services, list their offers and prices, setup their working time for scheduling, manage orders by CRM, track their revenue, carry out promotions and loyalty campaigns, and get feedback from customers.

For customers, it enables to find services near their location, research service providers profiles, book a job order or service, book their preferred, and make payments through the  online platform.

All payments between Service Providers and Customers are going to be made with the Setcoin cryptocurrency. Setcoin is a verified cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology issued by Inserviss for payments between Service Providers and Customers listed in the platform.

Inserviss is announcing the addition of a new and highly experienced advisor to their team. David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital [], will provide counsel on critical issues including investor relations and international business development. With an upcoming Setcoin pre-sale ongoing and sale commencing on 1 February 2018, David will provide counsel on critical issues such as partnerships and business development, marketing, and investor relations. 

Setcoin already has a Global Advisory Board with advisors that are professionals in their field and are  set to make a huge contribution in creating a new digital tech solution for our new world. 

Setcoin Blockchain

At the core of the Setcoin Blockchain will be Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC) that is 11.5x faster than Visa and 94,000x than Bitcoin. Red Belly Blockchain can process more than 660,000 transactions per second. In comparison, Visa’s network has a peak capacity of around 56,000 transactions per second, and the Bitcoin network is limited to around seven transactions per second. Off-Chain Transactions are instant with zero commissions.

Setcoin is now being listed on crypto exchanges and are available on Waves Decentralized Exchange, so all Setcoin deals are clear and transparent.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows the creation of new business models for marketplaces. Inserviss Platform does not need to take commissions for payments between Service Providers and Customers and still derive value from growth demand for cryptocurrency/token that is issued by platform for transactions. Off-Chain Transactions are instant and with zero commissions.

Also, Inserviss platform will contain other benefits of blockchain technology like security, transparency, and global reach.

“Our project was born not from blockchain area. it was born from real people needs in everyday work. Blockchain perfectly was integrated into our idea and complemented it with innovation and new benefits for all members of platform,” says  Igor Perepelychnyy, CEO/Founder of Inserviss Mobile Platform with its own verified cryptocurrency, Setcoin.

David Drake says, “I am glad to be part of Inserviss, Inc as Board Advisor for their ICO. Setcoin, their cryptocurrency, is expected to make waves as it bridges service providers and customers through the power of blockchain technology. Their online marketplace based on an API infrastructure solution can seamlessly connect service providers and customers using cryptocurrency to drive their loyalty program. This is a welcome development in this ecosystem. “

Inserviss is offering Setcoin tokens to participants in its crowdsale over the coming weeks. The Setcoin token pre-sale is live now, and the public sale starts on 1 February 2018. For more information about Inserviss, or to participate in the crowdsale, visit

About David Drake

David Drake is the Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office based in NYC, and of The Soho Loft Media Group. LDJ Capital’s extended network of funds-of-funds and hedge funds maintain relations with institutions & family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets. David previously represented the US Commerce Department at the EU and he has spoken at the UK Parliament. Mr. Drake’s access to 100,000 investors is maintained through his media holding investment, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced and sponsored over 1500+ global finance conferences since 2002. David Drake is actively involved in the crypto community as an advisor and speaker and the top blockchain firms he has advised were able to raise $500M in funding on their own merit through their respective ICOs in the past 6 months.

About Inserviss, Inc

Inserviss is a Global Service Marketplace that will operate over the world. Mission is to create one starting point for all high frequency customers services and create modern convenience technical solution for everyday collaboration between Service Providers and customers with integrating innovations of Blockchain Business Model. Global talent team of Inserviss inc. with collaboration of Setcoin ltd. team are creating new generation technology marketplace that will available in 195 countries over the world and for 7.6 Billion people over the globe in everyday use.



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PoSWallet is a project that was born from the tremendous need of the Crypto Community to have a single place in which they would be able to keep their holdings safe, stake their PoS (Proof of Stake) Coins and have a complete crypto currency exchange just in one single account!

But is it possible? Can PoSWallet stand against Crypto Beasts like Poloniex, Kraken, etc and provide what the Crypto Community needs? The answer is simply yes, because PoSWallet has its own Token (PoSW Coin) which you can buy in a really low price right now! But more exchanges and services are added as we speak, so i wouldn’t settle on the low price for long.

Beyond that, Dividents that emerge from the profits of PoSWallet are being paid out to those that own PoSW Coins at the beginning of every month! And add the 1% PoSW Coin PoS rate and you have a great, profitable investment just by holding it and staking it!

Do you know any other exchange that shares its profits with its users via dividents, offers a profitable currency and has a Proof of Stake rate? Probably not.

PoSWallet supports at the moment more than 100 PoS Currencies, with that number increasing every day. The Dev team is working hard in order for the brand new exchange to work flawlessly, to provide the best sollutions for all PoSWallet users and investors by designing and providing them enhanced sevices and products like Shares and Memberships (more of that after PoSWallet official announcement)!

So…PosW Coin, PoSWallet, Dividends, 1% PoS, Exchange, Shares, Memberships, etc. Are you really going to stay out of it?


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