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Hello POSWallet supporters and welcome to all the Newcomers! Last month has been busy and we managed to succeed to make some very nice partnerships and also to take some very important decisions concerning the future of POSWallet. We are focused on using all the infrastructure we’ve built to provide more services in an enhanced Crypto Platform environment with more features and a completely renewed User Interface which will be easier to use and friendlier to every user of POSWallet, old or new! All these partnerships with great Crypto Companies along with the improved Roadmap will lead to increase the value of the POSW Coin and to Mass adoption for the POSWallet Platform. We have great plans and we have achieved many milestones. Keep in mind that the crypto currency market is still a rather new and unstable market and it needs patience, good planning and never invest more than you afford to lose! Have patience and you’ll be rewarded, we have just started…

Ledger partners with PoSW Coin

Believe it, Ledger adds PoSW Coin to all its Hardware Wallets and Platform!

Ledger is the most important Hard Wallet provider in the Crypto industry holding a significant share of the Hard Wallet market. 

By entering the Ledger Hardware wallet, PoSW Coin is proving its long term strategy and its legitimacy, since Ledger would never integrate a currency that doesn’t have strong foundations and and tech support! Plus, PoSW Coin will get maximum exposure and enter new markets that previously were untouched. This is a huge step for PoSW Coin with great impact on all aspects of the crypto industry which will lead us ahead of competitors and will create a current of trust towards PoSW Coin!

PoSW Coin is now one of the few currencies supported by Ledger and you will be able to store you valuable PoSW Coins within it!

Over the next days, an official announcement will be made by Ledger, announcing our partnership and this is the first Limited PoSW Ledger Hardware Wallet with the Engraved PoSW Logo on it:

You can purchase your own Limited POSW Ledger Hardware Wallet here:


A few words about Ledger:

Ledger is a technology startup designing security solution for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. The company addresses the consumer market where it sold more than 50,000 units if its products in 130 countries, as well as enterprise and industrial customers. Ledger has a team of 25 persons, is headquartered in Paris and has one office in San Francisco.

Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System (BOLOS) is an embedded secure OS powering Secure Elements (SE), Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Secure Enclaves (Trusted Execution Environment — TEE, Intel SGX). Contrary to legacy solutions such as Java Card or other industry OS, Ledger features an asynchronous architecture which enables a full orchestration of business code directly from the secure world. BOLOS is an unobtrusive framework allowing to run multiple applications all in isolation from each other, and build open source native code which will be portable from one secure platform to another.

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) allows BOLOS to run on any kind of secure hardware. Thanks to the extensive crypto APIs, applications can leverage all types of blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, PoSW Coin…etc)

BOLOS breakthrough innovative architecture enables orchestration of embedded systems directly from the secure element. This enables proof of execution and origin, adding cryptographic attestation and integrity to critical data sources.

Isolation is natively provided by hardware mechanisms (each application can only access its own memory region, and operates in User mode, interacting with the Operating System running in Supervisor mode) or through a simple virtual CPU engine.

All applications running on BOLOS can be Open Source and do not require any proprietary API. Native code © ensures maximum performance and flexibility.

PoSWallet 2.0

What is PoSWallet 2.0? It’s the natural evolution of PoSWallet. A complete Multiplatform with staking pools, exchange, PoSW Coin etc…but with Enhanced features and operations, like an improved UI designed from scratch, easier, friendlier and bugless. That’s why PoSWallet made a contract with a web design company that is specialized on crypto platforms to Redesign and Improve the PoSWallet Ecosystem including, the desktop wallet, a new dividends countdown site etc…The great part is that most of the User suggestions will be implemented in this transformation! So that PoSWallet 2.0 will become a user focused platform.

When we started this project, the focus was on taking a handful of pretty active coins and providing a place for users to group stake. As that idea has evolved over the past year and a half with the addition of new coins, we have had many successes and challenges; one thing has become clear though: the crypto market in general is too unstable to effectively provide group stake services for the majority of coins we have listed at Interesting coins pop up and swell with a large community, then disappear just as fast — resulting in a lot of infrastructure we set up that is no longer being used. We will have a financial loss this month, and based on our trajectory with the current ideology behind, the loss will grow over time. Therefore, we are changing our focus and getting back to basics. 

So with that being said, we are going to go back and focus on the important stuff — promoting POSW as a currency that can be used for more than just the exchange at while supporting a few other ‘big player’ coins. As new coins appear and become established, we will investigate adding them to the platform as well. We will be delisting the majority of coins over the next month or so to align with this strategy — mainly coins with low user bases, low volume, or little technological improvement vs. other coins. Coins in maintenance will still be able to be requested to be withdrawn; however, some coins do not have nodes or active devs/communities and may not be able to be brought back out of maintenance. We will try and process all withdrawals on coins in maintenance as quickly as possible, but some will be delayed as they need to be done manually. 

While we take these actions, we are also going to update the POSW coin technology and work with partners to get POSW accepted in a variety of stores/vendors. We will continue the monthly dividends (we purchased 150k POSW to disburse this month, even though we had a loss) and will also continue website development and adding new features. Based on this decision, the roadmap will change as well. Our focus is being refined to making POSW a great option for use in the crypto world, rather than its current role as a support coin.

And please in order to be able to make this huge improvements, we need you to be patient and understand that withdrawals for delisted coins may take more time due to manually processing. Exchange is a relatively new exchange and multi wallet which quickly got to having more than $1m volume daily! CryptoDAO supports PoSW Coin by providing us some cool trading pairs: POSW/RUB, POSW/USD, POSW/BTC, POSW/LTC, POSW/CNY! 

All these actions we take, have one cause…to make PoSWallet a safe haven for serious users and serious coins!

Ledger is one huge step, but many others will follow. Over the next days the improved PoSWallet Roadmap will be published and new services and partnerships will be announced. PoSWallet is here to stay, grow and become the safe haven the crypto community needs. Stay tuned and keep in mind that we have just started our journey!

Hello all, Weekly Report #9 is here with lots of news and great new partnerships with famous Crypto companies and Providers! But first of all i would like to have the chance to congratulate the POSWallet community for exceeding 40,200 POSWallet Users and 1120 Slack members! This numbers really make me dizzy and i only imagine the bright future that lies ahead of us.

CoinPayments adds POSW Coin

This great partnership gives the choice to many merchants that own various online stores to implement and use POSW Coin as a safe and fast alternative way for payments! CoinPayments is probably the best Integrated payment merchant gateway for CryptoCurrencies, with over 65 supported Coins, PoSW Coin Included. CoinPayments has a vision and goal of making crypto broadly accessible to the both consumers & merchants through smart integrations with great companies in the digital money ecosystem. 

In order to attract more merchants to use PoSW Coin as a payments method through CoinPayments, we decided to make a really Generous offer to them. Every Merchant that implements PoSW Coin through CoinPayments will get :

An Entire Month of Free Advertisment within the PoSWallet Platform, giving them Access to more than 40,000 Active Users of the Platform! This is a major marketing boost for any merchant. Reaching additional customers and free marketing in one package.

Without no extra cost for merchants already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

PoSW Coin Hardware Wallet ICO

Yes it’s true, PoSWallet has teamed up with one of the greatest CryptoCurrency Hardware Wallet Providers, giving the choice to all the PoSW Coin investors to safely store their coins to a POSW logo engraved hardware wallet with a great collectible value! A new ICO market has been opened on the PoSWallet platform for the POSW Coin hardware wallet. 

The main advantage of using a Hardware Wallet is that your wallet’s private keys are isolated from your computer and not vulnerable to theft from trojans or other malware. The USB interface is tightly constrained and only allows a few operations like “sign this transaction”, none of which allow the keys to be retrieved from the device.

There will be 1000 tokens available for the price of 0.1 Bitcoin each. Make sure to purchase one Hardware Wallet or more, before they are gone by selecting the ICO icon here: adds PoSW Coin and PoSWallet Exchange provides a place for unbiased user reviewing and commenting on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and gambling sites.

Its goal is to help people make their decisions on where to trade and which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell by reading and writing reviews based on personal user experience with coins, exchanges and cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Quality reviews from users and important general information about every listing should help new cryptocurrency users to decide in which crypto to invest and where to safely buy and trade multiple crypto coins.

PoSWallet will be listed on over the next 24 hours!

New Improved Dividends Payment System

Starting in May, we are going to use a new dividend payment calculation based on time held and amount held in address (rather than just amount held at dividend block time). This idea is similar to the Proof-of-Stake-Time coin methods. This system will be much more fair and rewarding to those that hold an don’t dump! We will share more information about it soon!

Make sure you are holding POSW in the POSWallet exchange during dividends payment time and not in an external exchange address preferably, we can’t guarantee dividends payment on other exchanges. They don’t keep track of the addresses. adds PoSW Coin

The Crypto exhanges list that support PoSW Coin is getting longer with as the last entry, providing our community a POSW/BTC trading pair which you can find and trade here: is a rather new exchange with a user friendly interface and lots of potential. added PoSW Coin, the popular Android wallet has finally added PoSW Coin to its supported coins, which means that you can now store your PoSW Coins to your Android phone or tablet. Coinomi exists for sometime now and has proven to be a very stable, friendly and safe multiwallet. An IoS Coinomi wallet will be released soon.

A new codebase version has been implemented to the POSWallet platform with the following changes affect the frontend:

  • ICO system — including the LIMITED EDITION PoSW Hardware wallet. It’s already online.
  • Advertising page shows previous user campaigns
  • Wallet transaction ID display bugs fixed
  • Membership in profile correctly displays if multiple memberships purchased
  • Support center format updated, users can now close their own tickets
  • More streamlined menu system
  • Staking data API
  • 8 other display bugs users have reported

From the backend, the new codebase increases website speed and allows for more concurrent users. We have a few more updates to make to further increase speed.

The following wallets are now syncing correctly and are out of maintenance: HONEY, ZEIT, OK, XST. If you are missing a transaction in these wallets, refresh the block via the profile page. We are in touch with the 808 dev and we think we have a solution there as well.

All users that close their own support ticket will be entered into a weekly drawing for 1000 PoSW. Anyone who is found cheating (opening multiple pointless tickets) will be disqualified and account closed.

Missing Transactions

If you are missing a transaction, there are a few options to get it added quickly. First try refreshing the block via the profile page, then waiting 15 minutes. 99% of the time, this solves all of the problems. If this does not work, please either join Slack and talk to the support team or open a support center ticket — which we will answer as soon as we can.

The recent NAV downtime was due to the NAV wallet updates causing a fork. We have worked closely with the NAV team to get our wallet back online. If you are missing a transaction, we will get it fixed.

To share some details with the community: 0.08% of poswallet user transactions are ‘missed’ the first time through — either due to wallets being down, forks, etc. Of these 0.08%, 50% of those are caught by our cleanup scripts that go back and verify all blocks a second time, meaning the user does not even notice they are ‘missed’. The remainder are handled on an individual basis by our support team. We are always here to help. Just remember, some times it is not a issue that we are fixing — we are always working with the coin developers as well, which takes time.

We are bringing a few new servers online — some wallets will be in maintenance for the next hours.

Insane Coin Swap

The insane coin swap starts today at Nova, bear with us as we get all the withdrawals processed.  Any delayed withdrawals will be fixed asap. 

We are working with the Insane Coins dev to get the new insane coin wallet here over the weekend.

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report. As you can see we are working 24/7 to bring more partnerships, deals and services to POSWallet! And we prove it to you almost every week with the announcements we are making. All the Roadmaps milestones will be achieved, although we might exceed timelines for some milestones but not too much. We will try to be as accurate to our timelines as possible. Have your eyes open for more announcements and see you to the next Weekly Report.

Well…i don’t know how to begin really. Last days kept us rather busy and now we feel overwhelmed and proud and happy that all the work we’ve done, led us here, among the top currencies in the Crypto Industry.

Price and volume exploded from the coming of new investors and the understanding of many people that POSWallet is the most Complete and Useful Crypto Project ever created, reaching amazing heights, exceeding $0.11 in price and $5ook in daily volume:

The POSWallet community has shown high levels of self restraint and decency beyond every expectation! Other communities would react in a childish way and probably dump their coins on the first chance. We have come so far and seen such growth, that it’s difficult not to make more plans and design more features for POSWallet…and this is how POSWallet’s RoadMap was born:

POSWallet’s Roadmap is the most significant milestone until now and it will put in place all the other milestones for the future! And many members of POSWallet’s community stated that…It’ s a very impressive Roadmap, all of its milestones are achievable and realistic! As you can see on the Roadmap photo this April is very interesting, since more than 100 currencies will be listed and an exclusive POSWallet store is almost ready.

Many people are curious about the online store. All of the items can be purchased with POSW Coins. It will give the chance to the community to purchase various items, that will be POSWallet related like t-shirts, hats clothing in general, but…we plan to take it much further by giving the ability to purchase many crypto currency related items like Hardware wallets! We are already in contact with the strongest companies like Ledger, Keepkey and Tresor. And why not even someone be able to store his POSW Coins to one of these Hardware wallets? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And we reached Summer of 2017, probably the busiest time period of POSWallet’s Roadmap:

Many different features and upgrades are shown here. But there are some that are the most important of all: Blockchain explorer 2.0, Partnership with a non-profit Organization to help children in Africa, POSW mobile wallet with all the features and benefits of, Masternodes pools (this is really big), Paper wallet generator and finally Mining pools! As you may have understood already…POSWallet is becoming the ultimate Crypto Platform, that will contain a Huge Ecosystem with literally every tool, service, hardware etc for every Crypto Currency investor!

Finally winter is here (not the game of thrones winter):

300 staking Coins is POSWallet’ s goal till the end of the year. There is no other currency in the history of Crypto currency that will have 300 trading pairs! This fact will not only boost POSWallet further beyond every other antagonist, but it will give the chance that small coins need to step away from obscurity and become a significant part of the Market.

POSW Source Update to latest Bitcoin Core 0.14 is a crucial update which will give POSWallet more features, like compatibilities, implementations to instant payments services like credit-debit card providers, more secure, faster and stable network, faster transactions etc!

We will provide you with many more news over the next days. We are in contact with big exchanges and other crypto providers. Thank you all for being a part of the Crypto Currency future.

More articles and press releases will be published soon enough, in order to explain the different Milestones of the Roadmap and to announce new partnerships!

If you need to upgrade your withdrawal limit you have to send a scan of your passport or id with a photo of yourself holding it, here:, until the automated verification system is ready in a few days!

Greetings to all the POSWallet supporters out there. These last days, have been probably the most important days for us. So much we have accomplish…so much progress…Just think that a few weeks ago, daily users were approximately 3,000 per day. Now this number is above 15,000 per day and it shows to us the trust that people have for POSWallet and how much important is POSWallet for them. This could have never happened without the help and support from our large and active community!

 This weeks news are awesome, with a few new partnerships ready to go and send POSWallet to the Moon:

Coinomi Wallet POSW Listing

Coinomi is a Free, Secure, Source-Available, Multi-Coin Multi-Asset HD Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoins. Coinomi will offer POSW Coin full access to both Android and IoS users and the ease of having a full feature available mobile wallet for all our users! This is a great partnership and crucial for our community, since POSWallet mobile wallet lacks at the moment the full features of and it will give our users the ability to send and receive their POSW Coins at their will from their mobile phone. This is a great addition to POSWallet’s “armoury” and it will attract more people to it!

CoinGecko POSW Listing



POSW has been listed on CoinGecko, a CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization site which offers lots of information and lots of details, essential for true knowledge of the market, which leads you to make the best decisions for your crypto portfolio! Click here to check out every available info around POSW on every market. POSW Listing

Another partnership for POSWallet. provides info on CryptoCurrency markets! That’s how POSW is presented:

New POSWallet Promo Videos

One member of our great community, has shown immense activity on POSWallet and has proven to be not only very active, but much talented and most useful! This member is ‘’bella luna’’ from our slack channel and she has created a few amazing short, easy to understand promo videos about POSWallet. She also has been in contact with our marketing team in order to create more content about POSWallet. You can watch all the videos on our official POSWallet youtube channel here:


New Security System & Profile Section Updated


A new Security system has been installed to POSWallet in order to ensure maximum safety of our users portfolio from Ddos attacks and every other potential thread. Profile section has been updated, besides a cleaner view of your recent transactions and wallet balances, we have added the Term Deposits feature and a place for you to see all of your Referrals information.

We have more features coming soon as well, including account verification and voucher codes.

PutinCoin Listing on POSWallet

A new great addition to POSWallet’s coin portfolio is PutinCoin. PutinCoin is a Proof of Stake currency with the goal to support President Putin through the crypto industry! It has seen great growth over the last months in terms of price and volume and it has a huge community behind it to support it. Welcome Putin Coin to POSWallet.

Creditbit Migration Process

Creditbit is an important part of the POSWallet coin portfolio and it continues to surprises us all with its progress, not only in terms of price and volume, but in the technology it uses also. CreditBit is officially now an Ethereum Token, which means it has access now to all the platforms, wallets and services the Ethereum Ecosytem has to offer! In order to benefit from this incredible upgrade of CreditBit, you have to go through a ‘’migration process’’ of your coins, which is simple and it will only take you a few minutes to complete it. The entire process is explained with detailed instructions here: Keep up the good work CreditBit, you have a bright future ahead…

Collectible, Physical POSW Coin

Yeah, it’s true…POSW is coming to the real world in the form of a collectible, metal coin! We haven’t decided yet which metals will be used to forge it, but we will probably have a few different versions of it available. As for its design, we decided to organise a contest for it. We guess there are a few people out there who would like to see their initials and their design on a collectible coin that will last for hundreds of years…So, may the best design win! 

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report people. Roadmap is on the way, keep your fingers crossed because it will be a game changer! See you all on our next weekly…

Hello POSWallet Community. This week has been probably the most interesting week in POSWallets history, since so much has happened and so much are yet to come! POSWallet team has been in touch with various crypto services, other currencies teams and crypto news web sites, getting as much attention and promotion as possible. Lets check out the news:

POSWallet’s Price and Volume Healthy Growth

POSWallet is becoming one of the most successful and most profitable ICO projects ever, since it has reached x10 in terms of value and daily volume! As you see on the chart:

A few months ago POSWallet’s price was at around 100 satoshis! Now it’s around 1000 satoshis and everything shows us that it can go much higher. The volume was at around $100-$200 and a few days ago it almost reached $20,000 which is so amazing and it shows to us the potential and bright future of POSWallet. I remind you that most ICO projects never go further from their ICO period price and the only ICO project that went x10 in value is Stratis! No other project has ever been so profitable except POSWallet and Stratis! Of course this has happened because POSWallet community is active and supportive and has fully understood the benefits and potential of their investment. So the new low for POSWallet is somewhere around 1k sat and we are preparing for much more.

Livecoin new POSWallet Trading Pairs

POSWallet-Livecoin partnership has proven to be most successful and productive. Livecoin recognizes the healthy growth of POSWallet and is offering us more trading pairs in order to attract more investors that want to use other currencies for their purchases! Now you can buy POSW Coins with POS/USD, POSW/EUR, POSW/RUR, POSW/DASH! Of course all the previous trading pairs are there as you can see on the above pic. There is also a POSW/DOGE pair and a POSW/UNO pair on Cryptopia! Now you have more than enough pairs to choose from in order to purchase POSW Coins.

POSWallet Android APP

POSWallet’s Android App is now available on Google Play! You can download it for free here and watch all of your favorite staking coins on your android phone! Over the next weeks more options, selections and features will be added, so that everyone will be able to have at hand the entire set of features that has to offer.

581 POSWallet Nodes

In order for every CryptoCurrency to be safe and efficient a significant number of nodes have to exist. POSWallet has broken every record, since there are as we speak 581 Nodes worldwide, ensuring the stability of the POSWallet Network. The more nodes there are, the more secure the network is. There are much older projects from POSWallet out there, that don’t even have half of the POSWallet’s Nodes! That’s truly incredible and it shows the size of acceptance POSWallet has Worldwide.

New Telegram Group and Bitcointalk thread

A new POSWallet Telegram forum is available for all POSWallet users. Telegram offers a more direct chatting experience to those that don’t like to use the more professional Slack features. And…after many requests from our community, the POSWallet Bitcointalk Forum is live again! You can find members of the POSWallet team on all 3 Forums. Sign in and lets talk guys! 

TrumpCoin and Litecoin Listing


Litecoin and TrumpCoin are now listed on the POSWallet Exchange! Litecoin is one of the oldest and most successful currencies, that has achieved mass adoption from the Crypto community and its value is steadily increasing over the last years.

TrumpCoin is a rather new Coin whose purpose is to support President Trump through the Crypto Industry! It has seen much growth in price and volume and it has a bright future ahead.

POSWallet & ICOtimeline Competition

The Competition is ending tomorrow and this is you last chance to participate and maybe be among the winners! I remind you that you can enter the competition with many different ways: take your chances, you never know what the outcome is.

That’s all guys. Thank you for your support and one last thing…over the next days, POSWallet Roadmap will be published! Believe me, you will be impressed!

Hello POSWallet community! This week we have several breakthroughs and achievements to share with you, like dividends payment, progress on the Android app, the Exchange release and more:

Dividends Payment

Wow, another month, another dividends payment! To those who are keeping their POSW Coins safe within the POSWallet, dividends payment day will come at 181,000 block approximately at 26 of March. Buy more POSW Coins in order to receive more Dividends and we hope you’ ll use your earnings wisely…by buying more POSW Coins of course.

Android App

Surprise, surprise…POSWallet’s Android App is ready and it will hit Google Play for downloading this weekend! Clean up your mobile phones, throw away every useless apps you have and leave room for the most important one…the POSWallet App.

Oh, i almost forgot…a POSWallet iOS App is on the way too! Let’s get the Apple guys a little pumped.

POSWallet Exchange Release

The POSWallet Exchange has been released for Beta testing and it’s accessible to everyone that owns a POSWallet Membership from Silver level and up! Till now it’s working great and for safety reasons only there are some withdrawal limitations, but only for a few more days, until all bugs are squeezed and destroyed and the Exchange goes live for all.

NewsBTC Article about POSWallet is one of the most popular CryptoCurrency News sites with hundreds of thousands of daily views. A presentation article about POSWallet was published there a few days ago, explaining what POSWallet is and how it works! POSWallet is gaining more attention in the Crypto Industry and the result will be mass adoption. Of course we are waiting for more articles to be published from major News Sites including

PIVX (Private, Instant, Verified Transaction) Listing

PIVX is the newest addition to POSWallet’s coin portfolio. But why do we have to mention another coin listing? Well… over the last few days, PIVX has managed to increase its price by 10 times and its volume went from a couple of thousands dollars to more than 5.5 Million Dollars! Well, that’s worth mentioning. And of course we are proud that we were able to list it on POSWallet. A POSW/PIVX trading pair is available!

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report. We have so much more we really can’t talk about yet…but have your eyes open and wait for some announcements over the next days!

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts! Another week, another Weekly Update for POSWallet. This week has been rather busy with lots of working hours and some really Important Βreakthroughs from POSWallet’s team. This Weekend is probably the most important weekend since the birth of the idea of POSWallet! We are expecting so much from POSWallet and you are most welcome to participate and leave your Mark on perhaps the most fully featured, well rounded and complete Crypto Platform in the History of CryptoCurrency. But enough with the big words…lets get to the News:

Exchange Release

POSWallet’s CryptoCurrency Exchange is finished! Most testing is done and this Weekend it’ ll be Live and Running for Beta Testing. In order to have the chance of becoming a Beta tester you will need to purchase a POSWallet Membership. And you will be given the Privilege of testing the POSWallet Exchange for the next 5 days!

POSWallet Memberships are cheap and they offer multiple Benefits for their owners. Hurry up and help POSWallet to fix any remaining bugs in the Exchange.

Membership Sale

In order to Promote further POSWallets Membership Benefits, we decided to Offer a 25% Discount to all Memberships, from today until Sunday the 12th of March, 10pm EST! We expect more Memberships to be Purchased and more people to understand the Importance of beeing the owner of a POSWallet Membership and the size of the mid/longterm Profit they’ ll have.


The POSWallet + ICOtimeline Competition has exceeded all Expectations and has gathered almost 15,000 Entries!!! Which is amazing, since there are only a few days since it started:

POSWallet Term Deposits

POSWallet is expanding and it’s offering a new generation of Crypto Products, especially designed for those who want to hold their assets and watch them grow over time! But what is a Term Deposit?

‘’A term deposit is a deposit held at a financial institution that has a fixed term. These are generally short-term with maturities ranging anywhere from a month to a few years. When a term deposit is purchased, the lender (the customer) understands that the money can only be withdrawn after the term has ended or by giving a predetermined number of days notice.’’

As you understand these products can really take POSWallet to the next level and make it a Crypto Financial Institution, where everyone can find what suits him and make profitable investments! More about it on the next Weekly Report…

The Mobile App is almost finished and the Exclusive POSWallet store will be up and running this Weekend!


POSWallet will become available to!

C-cex is a great CryptoCurrency exchange with a daily volume that exceeds $350k!

It’s user friendly with lots of features and it’s one of the few exchanges that offers USD trading!

We hope you got pumped! POSWallet is growing and expanding rapidly and this is happening because it has a huge community. Thank you and get ready for our next Weekly Report…


Greetings to all. Another week has passed, another Weekly update for our great Community! Last week has been extremely busy and POSWallet team has achieved some significant Breakthroughs. Keep in mind that there are still some Cheap POSW Coins that everyone should purchase from Livecoin, Yobit & Cryptopia. Hurry up, time is running out and we won’t be able to hold the price down for much longer!

POSWallet & ICOtimeline Competition and partnership has brought great results and in order to celebrate this success, we organized a great Competition for our Community with 10 lucky Winners and with the amazing prize of 200,000 POSW Coins! The Competition is designed in such a way so that everyone can participate with the most entries possible! More entries equal more points, equal more chances for everyone to be among the Winners. So, don’t lose more time and run for it. Here are the prizes according to the winner positions:

1st Winner: 100,000 PoSW Coins

2nd Winner: 50,000 PoSW Coins

3rd Winner: 20,000 PoSW Coins

4th Winner: 10,000 PoSW Coins

5th Winner: 8,000 PoSW Coins

6th Winner: 4,000 PoSW Coins

7th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

8th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

9th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

10th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

POSWallet Android App

As we wrote in our previous Weekly Report, POSWallet Android App is almost ready and we are testing it out before it’s released on Google Play in a few days. As we promised here are some awesome print screens of the App:

It looks great and it’s really safe and easy to use. Prepare for some Mobile trading! Most of POSWallet features will be available in the App and some more features, suitable for mobile use are also in development.

POSWallet Blog

A new POSWallet Blog is almost ready! It’ll be our communication portal with the community, concerning minor news, updates and anything that is going on on daily basis really. We are designing the POSWallet Blog Theme as we speak. Store

Yeah it’s true! We are making an online POSWallet Store where you ‘ll be able to purchase various POSWallet products like, t-shirts, hats, stickers and others that’ll be a surprise until it’s completely ready. Of course you’ll be able to pay with POSW Coin and other currencies!

Well, that’s all for this weeks Update. So many projects are on Development at the same time and thank you for being so Supportive, we’ve accomplished so much together! See you on the next Weekly Report.

Hello all and thank you for participating in this amazing project. POSWallet has seen significant growth over the last days and its evolving into the Great Platform that you, all the Crypto Enthusiasts so much need and desire. The team of POSWallet has been working non-stop, in order to prepare and share with you some awesome News and new Features:

POSWallet Android APP

Yeah, believe it, POSWallet will arrive on your Android phone screen very soon! Although more info about it will be posted on a future Weekly Report, i can tell you that it will be a complete Android wallet with many, if not all, the features from

POSWallet Exchange

POSWallet Exchange is almost ready and we are running the final tests, in order to ensure maximum safety for the users. POSWallet Exchange will begin with Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) pairs. Fasten your seat belts an get ready for some real trading because more pairs are coming with much more coins!

Dividends Payment

Well, there isn’t any Wallet or Exchange out there that pays Dividends to its users…Oh , i’m sorry, POSWallet does that and it does it with style. So, all Dividends will be paid to all POSW Coin holders on Block 130,000! Stay tuned and keep watching your POSWallet account grow! Enlisted POSW Coin

POSWallet was accepted in Livecoin, which is one of the Highest Volume Exchanges out there, with almost $3,000,000 of daily volume! Livecoin is supporting POSW Coin with some very attractive Trading Pairs: POSW/BTC (Bitcoin), POSW/ETH (Ethereum), POSW/CRBIT (Creditbit), POSW/ICN (Iconomi). More Hot trading pairs are on the way.

New Improved FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

A new improved FAQ page has been created in order to answer every possible question that our community has. Special thanks goes to those that sacrificed some of their time to ask a FAQ suitable question on POSWallet’s Slack channel!

New Team Page

A POSWallet team page was created, so you can learn more about the core team members of POSWallet. Some limited info is there but more will be added soon.

That’s all for our 2nd Weekly Report, more awesome news soon… And remember: Buy now that it’s Cheap and don’t dump your Precious POSW Coins! See you all on our next Weekly Report.

First of all we would like to welcome you all to our growing community and our lifes work… PoSWallet, the first Crypto Platform that has it all! Proof of Stake wallet for more than 100 PoS Currencies, a complete Crypto Currency Exchange, Dividends for all PoSW holders and a Token that has seen amazing acceptance and growth over the last days! It’s really hard to believe, how a project is able to move so fast and make so much progress. But i guess when you have such an active community with more than 15k PoSWallet users and a team that works 24/7 in order to provide the best possible results…well, then it’s not so hard to believe it after all!


Over the last days PoSW has been accepted and listed to various exchanges, like Yobit, Cryptopia, Novaexchange, and very soon to Livecoin! These exchanges have significant volumes and vast communitities. As a result PoSW price & volume exploded yesterday (15/02/2017) giving us the following chart:

An all time high at 340 satoshis and stabilizing later at around 220 satoshis! PoSW volume as we speak is at $4,5k. Just amazing!

More and bigger exchanges are on the way since we are in contact with literally every exchange…

PoSWallet Exchange

A brand new integrated Exchange is available inside PoSWallet! It’s offering everything that all major exchanges have to offer. New code for multiple trading pairs has been uploaded. This is still testing and all exchange balances will be cleared before the final release. Please keep the feedback coming via the support center or Slack!

Marketing Team

PoSWallet made partnership with team. ICOtimeline is a Crypto Currency listing site and its team has huge experience on promoting Crypto Projects! Both PoSWallet team and ICOtimeline team, are working perfectly together and the results of this collaboration are already visible.

Memberships & Referrals

PoSWallet team has designed a variety of PoSW products, like Memberships, Referrals and Shares! These products will give the ability to users to go deeper into the PoSWallet Ecosystem and have great Benefits and Privileges. You can see on the printscreen how the Memberships will work and what they will offer to their owners, but this probably isn’t their final form:

There will be 4 different levels of Memberships, with gradually increased services and benefits: Bronze, Silver, Gold and for those who always searching for the whole package, we Offer the Elite membership!

Special caution has been given to the design of all Memberships, so that they go to as many people as possible and to offer them the best of PoSWallet. That’s why we gave extreme attention to PoSW stake rate, Referrals deposit commission and Monthly Ad Credit. We really want for our members to be able to earn more money!

Referral system is ready and it works perfectly. You’ ll find the Referral link by selecting your Profile:

And head to the down end of the page, there it is:

Each referral pays 10 PoSW to you! But if you choose to own a membership, then the Referral system changes entirely since it will pay from 1% up to 2% from the amount of PoSW Coins that will be deposited by your referral users! For example, if you own the Silver Membership and you send a referral to your buddy and he decides to deposit 100k PoSW…then you’ ll get 1.25% of the 100k PoSW he deposits! You will be paid 1250 PoSW! How amazing is that?

As you can see PoSWallet stands with pride against any competition, In fact there is no exchange that pays Dividends to its users or such profitable Memberships and Referrals.

But there’s more…PoSWallet team has decided to return profits from its platform to the Community! Our goal is to achieve 10 Bitcoins of Monthly income from the Platform and share them to the users of PoSWallet! Most issues and bugs have been solved through the latest PoSWallet update and the brand new Exchange is been tested in order to provide full exchange features. PoSWallet is now running on 12 servers and 40 nodes in order to ensure maximum safety, stability and reliability.

Stay tuned and consider that PoSWallet is One of its Kind. There is no other Crypto Platform that’s so complete and full. Don’t dump your PoSW Coins and join our Community.

Bright Future ahead…many plans on the table…


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