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Creditbit Status Update #1

Greetings community, there has been some time since our last post, but we haven’t been sleeping, so brace for updates!!

–== Creditbit status update ==—

Have you seen, the new Creditbit sub page (, tell us what you think…

We have also added the Parity installation and implementation guide to our guides (

As there is a lot of great community members from Slovenia we are working on Slovenian translation of whitepaper(Want translation in your language, pm us on slack).

If you don’t know yet, Creditbit can be simply implemented into whatever service on ethereum that follow the standards, so if you havent seen the blockexplorer its here =>

2 of our best and most active community members are on their way to BlockShow Europe to represent our project, we are wishing them all the luck and hope to see some pictures soon!

–== Development update ==—

We have been diligently working on next phases of smart contract development and its going awesome!

CreditDAO is almost finished, we are in the final stages of voting mechanism and we believe it will be deployed on kovan testnet in 14days. This is waaaay ahead of schedule which means that we will have time for proposals, alterations and testing to fine tune DAO so it will be the best decentralised organisation in crypto space! That is why we kindly ask the community to test and give us feedback on this.

CreditGAME is also on track, we have made the core contract(platform for games) and are now developing the “lotto game”. As soon as we have a working prototype we will tell the community so you will be able to play and test it on testnet. We have also planned to make 2 more games(hopefully before the launch of the CreditGAME), “Jenga”, where players play against each other in the blockchain based implementation of popular board game. The other game will be a game of bluffing and chance, we will go in depth in future updates when games dynamic is fixed.

Credit* we are toying with a concept of a messaging system for the players so they will be notified when their turn is up, so they will not need to be on the computer all the time(We are in early stages, so we ask you kindly to give us ideas and proposals on this new project).

CreditBOND, its finished and already implemented(Sorry to be sooo ahead of schedule  Smiley), you can lock your coins in the smart contract and claim bond reward whenever you please. Of Course the tutorial will come soon, but for those that want to start we are more than happy to guide you through on slack.

–== Community update ==—

Our community is still small, but growing from day to day, we really love you guys and want to work with you even more, so anyone that want to help us build the CreditDAO/foundation of the project in the early stages so he will be able to work with us, should PM us as soon as possible!!!!

We will also start with slack meetups in next week where whole dev team will be present and discuss new ideas that can be implemented in the future.

–== Markets/Media update ==—

Well what can we say, it’s mindblowing to have such a support from the community that the price and capitalisation has risen so significantly. We would never think in our wildest dreams that you will support us as much, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

We are now in the place where everyone is looking at our project, so we need to do even better than our best, to show you the community that your trust have not been misplaced.

–== Migration update ==—

Migration is going as planned, users that have migrated have gotten their CRBs instantly and as far as we know everything is on schedule and working properly.

We have already migrated 5,648,178.97584331 CRBITS and users automatically got CRBs on smart contract, which is good but not the best, we kindly urge other users to start with migration because after we close it there will be no way to exchange old CRBITS for CRBs, which will make your old coins worth 0.

Two largest exchanges that trade CRB have already migrated users balances, we hope other exchanges will do the same, if not its up to you-Users to do it by yourself!!!!

Because users had some issues with the old wallets and blockchains we will prolong the migration, we don’t know for how long, but we want to help all the affected users on by one so everyone will be able to make the migration.

There will be detailed migration report with all the numbers(that you can already see on CreditMC), calculations about the DAO revenue posted in future days…

At the end we would like to thank you for the vote that you have made through the migration process, we have never in our wildest dreams thought that you will give us and CreditDAO so much to work with. As you know the dao funds will be locked and no one will be able to sell them only the stake will be used to award the community efforts. And because you have given us so much that we can commit to the project in full, we will LOCK the dev team reward until everything is finished. Besides that we will make a future plan for phase 3 of Creditbit that will focus on usability and new use cases for our great coin. With that we hope that we will show you that we have yours best interests in hearth and will make Creditbit event bigger and better!!!


Yours happy and devoted,
Creditbit Dev Team


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