Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Initial Coin Offering is a popular way to raise money for a new cryptocurrency project by distributing a percentage of the initial coin supply among the early supporters and backers. An ICO solves the problem of initial coin distribution, since the supply goes to whoever has given money for the project development. It has been controversial owing to a number of scams, but many successful cryptocurrencies were funded through an IPO. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies using this model include Ethereum, Bitshares, NXT, Mastercoin, Factom, etc.

  • What is ICO Timeline?

ICO Timeline is a new project in order to make known the new ICO projects to people and investors.

  • Do you offer other kind of listing?

Yes. Except the ICO projects listing, we offer Altcoins and Bitcoin Businesses listing. If you are an Altcoin founder or a Bitcoin Company owner and you want to list it in our website fill the Contact Us form.

  • I am an ICO’s Founder/CEO and i want to list my project on your website? Is it free or it has any cost?

ICO Timeline listing is a paid service and that it should cover the operating expenses, the research we perform, salaries of employees who manage the project and other expenses. If you are interested to list your project on our website and you want to know about the cost, please fill the Contact Us form.

  • What this paid listing includes?

We have set different cost for each service and you can build your own promotion campaign. More about our services you can find Here.

  • What kind of promotion you offer?

We promote every project mainly through our social networks Facebook Page and TwitterOur main promotional tool is Twitter, because the most traffic around the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies industry is there. We also offer Sponsored Articles, Interviews and many other Services.


Listing Terms

We only promote legitimate and credible projects to prevent as much as possible investor’s deception. For this reason we have set some conditions to approve an ICO project.

Each project must meet the following criteria:

  • The Founder, developers and project team members need to appear their photos, real names and their profiles on LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • The Headquarters of project must be known (Country, City)
  • The Founder needs to appear in video presentation about the project
  • The Founder should appear in any kind of bitcoin/blockchain conference
  • The Founder should appear in a live YouTube Interview or any other kind of live video Interview
  • Project’s Team should keep a max 20% from total token’s supply

Τo become a project accepted, it must meet at least 3 (three) of the above criteria!


We try to do the best possible research for each project before we publish it on our website. A prerequisite for the listing of a project is transparency. That means, the founder, developers and project team members need to appear their photos, real names and their profile on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. However, there are cases where even if the above conditions are met, some projects may end fraud/scam. 

By using this website, you agree that you have done your own research on these projects and the https://icotimeline.com does not assume any responsibility for any issues relating to these projects. Thank you for using https://icotimeline.com.

And always remember the golden rule of investments: Never invest in cryptos more than you can afford to lose and always try to keep them in your own wallet!