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Missing Transactions Reminder

If you are missing a transaction, there are a few options to get it added quickly. First try refreshing the block via the profile page, then waiting 15 minutes. 99% of the time, this solves all of the problems. If this does not work, please either join Slack and talk to the support team or open a support center ticket – which we will answer as soon as we can.

The recent NAV downtime was due to the NAV wallet updates causing a fork. We have worked closely with the NAV team to get our wallet back online. If you are missing a transaction, we will get it fixed.

To share some details with the community: 0.08% of PoSWallet user transactions are ‘missed’ the first time through – either due to wallets being down, forks, etc. Of these 0.08%, 50% of those are caught by our cleanup scripts that go back and verify all blocks a second time, meaning the user does not even notice they are ‘missed’. The remainder are handled on an individual basis by our fantastic support team. We are always here to help. Just remember, some times it is not a issue that we are fixing – we are always working with the coin developers as well, which takes time.


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