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Mokenex (22nd January – 13th March)

17 million: ERC20 standard, 18 decimals – Symbol: MOKN

15.2 million: public offer
1 million: developers and core contributors
300.000: community promo campaign
500.000: reserved fund (developer rewards&liquidity)


has increased the rate for ICO. Now for 1 ETH you get 10.000 Mokens. This will be valid till the end of Crowdsale on March 13th. It is the best time to win Mokens for great value!


Mokenex Big Bonus will be valid till February 28th! Investing 1 ETH you get 10.000+10.000 Mokens. Thats is minimum $2000 value!


All you need to do is send message with your ETH Address using Contact form on Mokenex website ( They will send out your extra tokens after receiving your Ethers.

FYI, ICO value of Moken is 0.20-0.22 USD. You don’t want to miss this bonus.




Mokenex strives to become truly Decentralized Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Platform and a Token Exchange.
Payment function will support 11 major coins and all Ethereum tokens. Charging merchants smallest fee available in market – 0.25%. User friendly platform will enable users to login and pay for things from their crypto balances. 
Moreover, users will directly swap their tokens (All Ethereum and other blockchains) with others for no fees.
We believe that smart contract tokens have larger potential use. Therefore, we conceptualized and created the Mokens. They will be used to run Mokenex as well as be multipurpose cryptocurrency to be accepted for other services.




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