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POSWallet 2.0: Ledger Update

We have some awesome news for POSW and 2.0! First off, the custom Ledger wallets with the POSW laser marking look REALLY good. Secondly, ETH integration is complete and will launch with PoSWallet 2.0. This means that when ETH switches to PoS, you will be able to group stake it here. 

The address form for Ledger wallet shipment is available via the left menu. Please make sure you fill this form out completely so we can ship your shiny new Ledger USB wallet! If you have not yet purchased one, head over to the the Ledger ICO page before they are all sold. 

As a reminder, new address generation is disabled during this transition phase. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peaks at the new design. 

The 500 POSW reward is still ongoing for people who buy the custom POSW Ledger wallets. The POSW will be deposited in accounts when the Ledger wallets ship.


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