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POSWallet 2.0: Post 2

Now that we touched on where we think the big players are heading this year, let’s take a minute and focus on some of our goals for POSW. We are taking a multi-faceted approach with the main goal being: make POSW useful outside the ecosystem of In the third installment of this series, we will discuss more on why the previous system was inherently flawed.

The most important driver of cryptocurrencies is ease-of-use – if someone has a choice between two completely equal coins (A and B, for example), they will most likely choose the coin that is most accessible or easiest to use. To this end, we have partnered with Ledger to include POSW on their Ledger wallet (we are continuing the bonus 500 POSW for everyone who buys a Ledger wallet in the ICO) – users will be able to transact with POSW, as well as BTC, ETH, and others, quickly and easily. There are 500 of these wallets available, each customized with the POSW logo inscribed on the actual USB wallet.

Secondly (and just as important as ease-of-use), is having a market or economy where the coin can be spent. We could make POSW the easiest coin to use and store; however, if there is nothing to buy/sell/trade, there is no real-world use in keeping the coin long term. This is part of the multi-prong approach we are taking – work with ecommerce sites online to accept POSW for their goods and services (fueled by the inclusion of POSW in CoinPayments). We are starting with websites related to cryptocurrency, as they are the most likely to adopt, and will continue to branch out to other industries as our network grows. members are encouraged to let us know if they have an online store, as we would love to work with you above anyone else!

Finally, we think it is important to offer users a way to be part of something bigger – combining many to make one to use an adage. We have a few ideas on this front – some we have already discussed – with the short-term implementation being related to masternode pools. We have been working on this for a few months, with a focus on developing a user experience that is both stable and transactional – a somewhat difficult balance when the fixed requirements of a masternode are included in the equation. We have also mentioned partnering with a non-profit in a two-fold effort: to reach out to folks that would not necessarily ever interact with cryptocurrencies and to give back to the community. We are currently in discussion with multiple non-profits and will update the community once we have more details here.

As a reminder, please continue to withdraw coins that are being delisted. We are processing withdrawals on some coins manually – if a withdrawal is submitted before delisting, it will be processed.


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