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PoSWallet is a project that was born from the tremendous need of the Crypto Community to have a single place in which they would be able to keep their holdings safe, stake their PoS (Proof of Stake) Coins and have a complete crypto currency exchange just in one single account!

But is it possible? Can PoSWallet stand against Crypto Beasts like Poloniex, Kraken, etc and provide what the Crypto Community needs? The answer is simply yes, because PoSWallet has its own Token (PoSW Coin) which you can buy in a really low price right now! But more exchanges and services are added as we speak, so i wouldn’t settle on the low price for long.

Beyond that, Dividents that emerge from the profits of PoSWallet are being paid out to those that own PoSW Coins at the beginning of every month! And add the 1% PoSW Coin PoS rate and you have a great, profitable investment just by holding it and staking it!

Do you know any other exchange that shares its profits with its users via dividents, offers a profitable currency and has a Proof of Stake rate? Probably not.

PoSWallet supports at the moment more than 100 PoS Currencies, with that number increasing every day. The Dev team is working hard in order for the brand new exchange to work flawlessly, to provide the best sollutions for all PoSWallet users and investors by designing and providing them enhanced sevices and products like Shares and Memberships (more of that after PoSWallet official announcement)!

So…PosW Coin, PoSWallet, Dividends, 1% PoS, Exchange, Shares, Memberships, etc. Are you really going to stay out of it?


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