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POSWallet Progress Update

It has been a few weeks since we provided a progress update for POSW 2.0 – the team exchanged thoughts and ideas and wanted to share some of them on the following major topics: 

Ledger Wallets: We have seen incredible support and fanfare about the Ledger wallets. After an initial rocky start due to supply shortages, we have shipped several hundred of these wallets with another round going out today. We are already in discussion with Ledger about updating the app for the new wallet code to ensure a seamless transition. 

POSW Wallet Upgrade: This has gone from an initial plan of just bringing the source code up to the BTC codebase to a complete overhaul with awesome new features and an entire codebase revamp. The teams have worked really well together to integrate internal ideas and ideas from the community to make a truly uniquely-featured wallet. We have a functioning testnet with many of the wallet algorithms already complete and under testing. One additional feature we are currently investigating is integration between the wallet and the statistics reporting server. core codebase rewrite: This has also been completed; however, it was a few months late. In the end, we rewrote all of the modules as well as adding a few related to user and transaction security. We were not happy that it took so long to complete, but are now focused on completing other tasks. site update: The new layout/codebase integration is currently undergoing internal bug testing – we expect to bring a few beta members into the testing loop soon. The layout is simpler, more useful, and less buggy. We also have some cool ideas for new website features that we are exploring (some tied in with the release of the new wallet codebase) including: a buy/sell marketplace for users to use POSW to purchase goods, a merchant area for people to connect with external merchants, pooled POSW masternodes, ‘featured’ masternodes where other coin masternodes are available via a POSW buy-in, and more. If you have an idea you think is really cool or unique, please let us know! 

POSW Team 


We fixed a few bugs related to coin prices and holding value calculations this morning – some users were seeing incorrect multiplication for estimated account values. Please let us know if you see any more issues related to value calculations. 

We are getting more caught up on open support tickets, but are still lagging behind. If you have an urgent bug or support request, please contact and the support team will get back to you.


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