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PoSWallet Weekly Report #1

First of all we would like to welcome you all to our growing community and our lifes work… PoSWallet, the first Crypto Platform that has it all! Proof of Stake wallet for more than 100 PoS Currencies, a complete Crypto Currency Exchange, Dividends for all PoSW holders and a Token that has seen amazing acceptance and growth over the last days! It’s really hard to believe, how a project is able to move so fast and make so much progress. But i guess when you have such an active community with more than 15k PoSWallet users and a team that works 24/7 in order to provide the best possible results…well, then it’s not so hard to believe it after all!


Over the last days PoSW has been accepted and listed to various exchanges, like Yobit, Cryptopia, Novaexchange, and very soon to Livecoin! These exchanges have significant volumes and vast communitities. As a result PoSW price & volume exploded yesterday (15/02/2017) giving us the following chart:

An all time high at 340 satoshis and stabilizing later at around 220 satoshis! PoSW volume as we speak is at $4,5k. Just amazing!

More and bigger exchanges are on the way since we are in contact with literally every exchange…

PoSWallet Exchange

A brand new integrated Exchange is available inside PoSWallet! It’s offering everything that all major exchanges have to offer. New code for multiple trading pairs has been uploaded. This is still testing and all exchange balances will be cleared before the final release. Please keep the feedback coming via the support center or Slack!

Marketing Team

PoSWallet made partnership with team. ICOtimeline is a Crypto Currency listing site and its team has huge experience on promoting Crypto Projects! Both PoSWallet team and ICOtimeline team, are working perfectly together and the results of this collaboration are already visible.

Memberships & Referrals

PoSWallet team has designed a variety of PoSW products, like Memberships, Referrals and Shares! These products will give the ability to users to go deeper into the PoSWallet Ecosystem and have great Benefits and Privileges. You can see on the printscreen how the Memberships will work and what they will offer to their owners, but this probably isn’t their final form:

There will be 4 different levels of Memberships, with gradually increased services and benefits: Bronze, Silver, Gold and for those who always searching for the whole package, we Offer the Elite membership!

Special caution has been given to the design of all Memberships, so that they go to as many people as possible and to offer them the best of PoSWallet. That’s why we gave extreme attention to PoSW stake rate, Referrals deposit commission and Monthly Ad Credit. We really want for our members to be able to earn more money!

Referral system is ready and it works perfectly. You’ ll find the Referral link by selecting your Profile:

And head to the down end of the page, there it is:

Each referral pays 10 PoSW to you! But if you choose to own a membership, then the Referral system changes entirely since it will pay from 1% up to 2% from the amount of PoSW Coins that will be deposited by your referral users! For example, if you own the Silver Membership and you send a referral to your buddy and he decides to deposit 100k PoSW…then you’ ll get 1.25% of the 100k PoSW he deposits! You will be paid 1250 PoSW! How amazing is that?

As you can see PoSWallet stands with pride against any competition, In fact there is no exchange that pays Dividends to its users or such profitable Memberships and Referrals.

But there’s more…PoSWallet team has decided to return profits from its platform to the Community! Our goal is to achieve 10 Bitcoins of Monthly income from the Platform and share them to the users of PoSWallet! Most issues and bugs have been solved through the latest PoSWallet update and the brand new Exchange is been tested in order to provide full exchange features. PoSWallet is now running on 12 servers and 40 nodes in order to ensure maximum safety, stability and reliability.

Stay tuned and consider that PoSWallet is One of its Kind. There is no other Crypto Platform that’s so complete and full. Don’t dump your PoSW Coins and join our Community.

Bright Future ahead…many plans on the table…


Slack invitation:



Michael Douranos:



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