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PoSWallet Weekly Report #10

Hello POSWallet supporters and welcome to all the Newcomers! Last month has been busy and we managed to succeed to make some very nice partnerships and also to take some very important decisions concerning the future of POSWallet. We are focused on using all the infrastructure we’ve built to provide more services in an enhanced Crypto Platform environment with more features and a completely renewed User Interface which will be easier to use and friendlier to every user of POSWallet, old or new! All these partnerships with great Crypto Companies along with the improved Roadmap will lead to increase the value of the POSW Coin and to Mass adoption for the POSWallet Platform. We have great plans and we have achieved many milestones. Keep in mind that the crypto currency market is still a rather new and unstable market and it needs patience, good planning and never invest more than you afford to lose! Have patience and you’ll be rewarded, we have just started…

Ledger partners with PoSW Coin

Believe it, Ledger adds PoSW Coin to all its Hardware Wallets and Platform!

Ledger is the most important Hard Wallet provider in the Crypto industry holding a significant share of the Hard Wallet market. 

By entering the Ledger Hardware wallet, PoSW Coin is proving its long term strategy and its legitimacy, since Ledger would never integrate a currency that doesn’t have strong foundations and and tech support! Plus, PoSW Coin will get maximum exposure and enter new markets that previously were untouched. This is a huge step for PoSW Coin with great impact on all aspects of the crypto industry which will lead us ahead of competitors and will create a current of trust towards PoSW Coin!

PoSW Coin is now one of the few currencies supported by Ledger and you will be able to store you valuable PoSW Coins within it!

Over the next days, an official announcement will be made by Ledger, announcing our partnership and this is the first Limited PoSW Ledger Hardware Wallet with the Engraved PoSW Logo on it:

You can purchase your own Limited POSW Ledger Hardware Wallet here:


A few words about Ledger:

Ledger is a technology startup designing security solution for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. The company addresses the consumer market where it sold more than 50,000 units if its products in 130 countries, as well as enterprise and industrial customers. Ledger has a team of 25 persons, is headquartered in Paris and has one office in San Francisco.

Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System (BOLOS) is an embedded secure OS powering Secure Elements (SE), Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Secure Enclaves (Trusted Execution Environment — TEE, Intel SGX). Contrary to legacy solutions such as Java Card or other industry OS, Ledger features an asynchronous architecture which enables a full orchestration of business code directly from the secure world. BOLOS is an unobtrusive framework allowing to run multiple applications all in isolation from each other, and build open source native code which will be portable from one secure platform to another.

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) allows BOLOS to run on any kind of secure hardware. Thanks to the extensive crypto APIs, applications can leverage all types of blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, PoSW Coin…etc)

BOLOS breakthrough innovative architecture enables orchestration of embedded systems directly from the secure element. This enables proof of execution and origin, adding cryptographic attestation and integrity to critical data sources.

Isolation is natively provided by hardware mechanisms (each application can only access its own memory region, and operates in User mode, interacting with the Operating System running in Supervisor mode) or through a simple virtual CPU engine.

All applications running on BOLOS can be Open Source and do not require any proprietary API. Native code © ensures maximum performance and flexibility.

PoSWallet 2.0

What is PoSWallet 2.0? It’s the natural evolution of PoSWallet. A complete Multiplatform with staking pools, exchange, PoSW Coin etc…but with Enhanced features and operations, like an improved UI designed from scratch, easier, friendlier and bugless. That’s why PoSWallet made a contract with a web design company that is specialized on crypto platforms to Redesign and Improve the PoSWallet Ecosystem including, the desktop wallet, a new dividends countdown site etc…The great part is that most of the User suggestions will be implemented in this transformation! So that PoSWallet 2.0 will become a user focused platform.

When we started this project, the focus was on taking a handful of pretty active coins and providing a place for users to group stake. As that idea has evolved over the past year and a half with the addition of new coins, we have had many successes and challenges; one thing has become clear though: the crypto market in general is too unstable to effectively provide group stake services for the majority of coins we have listed at Interesting coins pop up and swell with a large community, then disappear just as fast — resulting in a lot of infrastructure we set up that is no longer being used. We will have a financial loss this month, and based on our trajectory with the current ideology behind, the loss will grow over time. Therefore, we are changing our focus and getting back to basics. 

So with that being said, we are going to go back and focus on the important stuff — promoting POSW as a currency that can be used for more than just the exchange at while supporting a few other ‘big player’ coins. As new coins appear and become established, we will investigate adding them to the platform as well. We will be delisting the majority of coins over the next month or so to align with this strategy — mainly coins with low user bases, low volume, or little technological improvement vs. other coins. Coins in maintenance will still be able to be requested to be withdrawn; however, some coins do not have nodes or active devs/communities and may not be able to be brought back out of maintenance. We will try and process all withdrawals on coins in maintenance as quickly as possible, but some will be delayed as they need to be done manually. 

While we take these actions, we are also going to update the POSW coin technology and work with partners to get POSW accepted in a variety of stores/vendors. We will continue the monthly dividends (we purchased 150k POSW to disburse this month, even though we had a loss) and will also continue website development and adding new features. Based on this decision, the roadmap will change as well. Our focus is being refined to making POSW a great option for use in the crypto world, rather than its current role as a support coin.

And please in order to be able to make this huge improvements, we need you to be patient and understand that withdrawals for delisted coins may take more time due to manually processing. Exchange is a relatively new exchange and multi wallet which quickly got to having more than $1m volume daily! CryptoDAO supports PoSW Coin by providing us some cool trading pairs: POSW/RUB, POSW/USD, POSW/BTC, POSW/LTC, POSW/CNY! 

All these actions we take, have one cause…to make PoSWallet a safe haven for serious users and serious coins!

Ledger is one huge step, but many others will follow. Over the next days the improved PoSWallet Roadmap will be published and new services and partnerships will be announced. PoSWallet is here to stay, grow and become the safe haven the crypto community needs. Stay tuned and keep in mind that we have just started our journey!


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