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POSWallet Weekly Report #2

Hello all and thank you for participating in this amazing project. POSWallet has seen significant growth over the last days and its evolving into the Great Platform that you, all the Crypto Enthusiasts so much need and desire. The team of POSWallet has been working non-stop, in order to prepare and share with you some awesome News and new Features:

POSWallet Android APP

Yeah, believe it, POSWallet will arrive on your Android phone screen very soon! Although more info about it will be posted on a future Weekly Report, i can tell you that it will be a complete Android wallet with many, if not all, the features from

POSWallet Exchange

POSWallet Exchange is almost ready and we are running the final tests, in order to ensure maximum safety for the users. POSWallet Exchange will begin with Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) pairs. Fasten your seat belts an get ready for some real trading because more pairs are coming with much more coins!

Dividends Payment

Well, there isn’t any Wallet or Exchange out there that pays Dividends to its users…Oh , i’m sorry, POSWallet does that and it does it with style. So, all Dividends will be paid to all POSW Coin holders on Block 130,000! Stay tuned and keep watching your POSWallet account grow! Enlisted POSW Coin

POSWallet was accepted in Livecoin, which is one of the Highest Volume Exchanges out there, with almost $3,000,000 of daily volume! Livecoin is supporting POSW Coin with some very attractive Trading Pairs: POSW/BTC (Bitcoin), POSW/ETH (Ethereum), POSW/CRBIT (Creditbit), POSW/ICN (Iconomi). More Hot trading pairs are on the way.

New Improved FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

A new improved FAQ page has been created in order to answer every possible question that our community has. Special thanks goes to those that sacrificed some of their time to ask a FAQ suitable question on POSWallet’s Slack channel!

New Team Page

A POSWallet team page was created, so you can learn more about the core team members of POSWallet. Some limited info is there but more will be added soon.

That’s all for our 2nd Weekly Report, more awesome news soon… And remember: Buy now that it’s Cheap and don’t dump your Precious POSW Coins! See you all on our next Weekly Report.

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