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PoSWallet Weekly Report #3

Greetings to all. Another week has passed, another Weekly update for our great Community! Last week has been extremely busy and POSWallet team has achieved some significant Breakthroughs. Keep in mind that there are still some Cheap POSW Coins that everyone should purchase from Livecoin, Yobit & Cryptopia. Hurry up, time is running out and we won’t be able to hold the price down for much longer!

POSWallet & ICOtimeline Competition and partnership has brought great results and in order to celebrate this success, we organized a great Competition for our Community with 10 lucky Winners and with the amazing prize of 200,000 POSW Coins! The Competition is designed in such a way so that everyone can participate with the most entries possible! More entries equal more points, equal more chances for everyone to be among the Winners. So, don’t lose more time and run for it. Here are the prizes according to the winner positions:

1st Winner: 100,000 PoSW Coins

2nd Winner: 50,000 PoSW Coins

3rd Winner: 20,000 PoSW Coins

4th Winner: 10,000 PoSW Coins

5th Winner: 8,000 PoSW Coins

6th Winner: 4,000 PoSW Coins

7th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

8th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

9th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

10th Winner: 2,000 PoSW Coins

POSWallet Android App

As we wrote in our previous Weekly Report, POSWallet Android App is almost ready and we are testing it out before it’s released on Google Play in a few days. As we promised here are some awesome print screens of the App:

It looks great and it’s really safe and easy to use. Prepare for some Mobile trading! Most of POSWallet features will be available in the App and some more features, suitable for mobile use are also in development.

POSWallet Blog

A new POSWallet Blog is almost ready! It’ll be our communication portal with the community, concerning minor news, updates and anything that is going on on daily basis really. We are designing the POSWallet Blog Theme as we speak. Store

Yeah it’s true! We are making an online POSWallet Store where you ‘ll be able to purchase various POSWallet products like, t-shirts, hats, stickers and others that’ll be a surprise until it’s completely ready. Of course you’ll be able to pay with POSW Coin and other currencies!

Well, that’s all for this weeks Update. So many projects are on Development at the same time and thank you for being so Supportive, we’ve accomplished so much together! See you on the next Weekly Report.

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