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PoSWallet Weekly Report #4

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts! Another week, another Weekly Update for POSWallet. This week has been rather busy with lots of working hours and some really Important Βreakthroughs from POSWallet’s team. This Weekend is probably the most important weekend since the birth of the idea of POSWallet! We are expecting so much from POSWallet and you are most welcome to participate and leave your Mark on perhaps the most fully featured, well rounded and complete Crypto Platform in the History of CryptoCurrency. But enough with the big words…lets get to the News:

Exchange Release

POSWallet’s CryptoCurrency Exchange is finished! Most testing is done and this Weekend it’ ll be Live and Running for Beta Testing. In order to have the chance of becoming a Beta tester you will need to purchase a POSWallet Membership. And you will be given the Privilege of testing the POSWallet Exchange for the next 5 days!

POSWallet Memberships are cheap and they offer multiple Benefits for their owners. Hurry up and help POSWallet to fix any remaining bugs in the Exchange.

Membership Sale

In order to Promote further POSWallets Membership Benefits, we decided to Offer a 25% Discount to all Memberships, from today until Sunday the 12th of March, 10pm EST! We expect more Memberships to be Purchased and more people to understand the Importance of beeing the owner of a POSWallet Membership and the size of the mid/longterm Profit they’ ll have.


The POSWallet + ICOtimeline Competition has exceeded all Expectations and has gathered almost 15,000 Entries!!! Which is amazing, since there are only a few days since it started:

POSWallet Term Deposits

POSWallet is expanding and it’s offering a new generation of Crypto Products, especially designed for those who want to hold their assets and watch them grow over time! But what is a Term Deposit?

‘’A term deposit is a deposit held at a financial institution that has a fixed term. These are generally short-term with maturities ranging anywhere from a month to a few years. When a term deposit is purchased, the lender (the customer) understands that the money can only be withdrawn after the term has ended or by giving a predetermined number of days notice.’’

As you understand these products can really take POSWallet to the next level and make it a Crypto Financial Institution, where everyone can find what suits him and make profitable investments! More about it on the next Weekly Report…

The Mobile App is almost finished and the Exclusive POSWallet store will be up and running this Weekend!


POSWallet will become available to!

C-cex is a great CryptoCurrency exchange with a daily volume that exceeds $350k!

It’s user friendly with lots of features and it’s one of the few exchanges that offers USD trading!

We hope you got pumped! POSWallet is growing and expanding rapidly and this is happening because it has a huge community. Thank you and get ready for our next Weekly Report…


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