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PoSWallet Weekly Report #5

Hello POSWallet community! This week we have several breakthroughs and achievements to share with you, like dividends payment, progress on the Android app, the Exchange release and more:

Dividends Payment

Wow, another month, another dividends payment! To those who are keeping their POSW Coins safe within the POSWallet, dividends payment day will come at 181,000 block approximately at 26 of March. Buy more POSW Coins in order to receive more Dividends and we hope you’ ll use your earnings wisely…by buying more POSW Coins of course.

Android App

Surprise, surprise…POSWallet’s Android App is ready and it will hit Google Play for downloading this weekend! Clean up your mobile phones, throw away every useless apps you have and leave room for the most important one…the POSWallet App.

Oh, i almost forgot…a POSWallet iOS App is on the way too! Let’s get the Apple guys a little pumped.

POSWallet Exchange Release

The POSWallet Exchange has been released for Beta testing and it’s accessible to everyone that owns a POSWallet Membership from Silver level and up! Till now it’s working great and for safety reasons only there are some withdrawal limitations, but only for a few more days, until all bugs are squeezed and destroyed and the Exchange goes live for all.

NewsBTC Article about POSWallet is one of the most popular CryptoCurrency News sites with hundreds of thousands of daily views. A presentation article about POSWallet was published there a few days ago, explaining what POSWallet is and how it works! POSWallet is gaining more attention in the Crypto Industry and the result will be mass adoption. Of course we are waiting for more articles to be published from major News Sites including

PIVX (Private, Instant, Verified Transaction) Listing

PIVX is the newest addition to POSWallet’s coin portfolio. But why do we have to mention another coin listing? Well… over the last few days, PIVX has managed to increase its price by 10 times and its volume went from a couple of thousands dollars to more than 5.5 Million Dollars! Well, that’s worth mentioning. And of course we are proud that we were able to list it on POSWallet. A POSW/PIVX trading pair is available!

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report. We have so much more we really can’t talk about yet…but have your eyes open and wait for some announcements over the next days!

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