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PoSWallet Weekly Report #6

Hello POSWallet Community. This week has been probably the most interesting week in POSWallets history, since so much has happened and so much are yet to come! POSWallet team has been in touch with various crypto services, other currencies teams and crypto news web sites, getting as much attention and promotion as possible. Lets check out the news:

POSWallet’s Price and Volume Healthy Growth

POSWallet is becoming one of the most successful and most profitable ICO projects ever, since it has reached x10 in terms of value and daily volume! As you see on the chart:

A few months ago POSWallet’s price was at around 100 satoshis! Now it’s around 1000 satoshis and everything shows us that it can go much higher. The volume was at around $100-$200 and a few days ago it almost reached $20,000 which is so amazing and it shows to us the potential and bright future of POSWallet. I remind you that most ICO projects never go further from their ICO period price and the only ICO project that went x10 in value is Stratis! No other project has ever been so profitable except POSWallet and Stratis! Of course this has happened because POSWallet community is active and supportive and has fully understood the benefits and potential of their investment. So the new low for POSWallet is somewhere around 1k sat and we are preparing for much more.

Livecoin new POSWallet Trading Pairs

POSWallet-Livecoin partnership has proven to be most successful and productive. Livecoin recognizes the healthy growth of POSWallet and is offering us more trading pairs in order to attract more investors that want to use other currencies for their purchases! Now you can buy POSW Coins with POS/USD, POSW/EUR, POSW/RUR, POSW/DASH! Of course all the previous trading pairs are there as you can see on the above pic. There is also a POSW/DOGE pair and a POSW/UNO pair on Cryptopia! Now you have more than enough pairs to choose from in order to purchase POSW Coins.

POSWallet Android APP

POSWallet’s Android App is now available on Google Play! You can download it for free here and watch all of your favorite staking coins on your android phone! Over the next weeks more options, selections and features will be added, so that everyone will be able to have at hand the entire set of features that has to offer.

581 POSWallet Nodes

In order for every CryptoCurrency to be safe and efficient a significant number of nodes have to exist. POSWallet has broken every record, since there are as we speak 581 Nodes worldwide, ensuring the stability of the POSWallet Network. The more nodes there are, the more secure the network is. There are much older projects from POSWallet out there, that don’t even have half of the POSWallet’s Nodes! That’s truly incredible and it shows the size of acceptance POSWallet has Worldwide.

New Telegram Group and Bitcointalk thread

A new POSWallet Telegram forum is available for all POSWallet users. Telegram offers a more direct chatting experience to those that don’t like to use the more professional Slack features. And…after many requests from our community, the POSWallet Bitcointalk Forum is live again! You can find members of the POSWallet team on all 3 Forums. Sign in and lets talk guys! 

TrumpCoin and Litecoin Listing


Litecoin and TrumpCoin are now listed on the POSWallet Exchange! Litecoin is one of the oldest and most successful currencies, that has achieved mass adoption from the Crypto community and its value is steadily increasing over the last years.

TrumpCoin is a rather new Coin whose purpose is to support President Trump through the Crypto Industry! It has seen much growth in price and volume and it has a bright future ahead.

POSWallet & ICOtimeline Competition

The Competition is ending tomorrow and this is you last chance to participate and maybe be among the winners! I remind you that you can enter the competition with many different ways: take your chances, you never know what the outcome is.

That’s all guys. Thank you for your support and one last thing…over the next days, POSWallet Roadmap will be published! Believe me, you will be impressed!

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