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PoSWallet Weekly Report #7

Greetings to all the POSWallet supporters out there. These last days, have been probably the most important days for us. So much we have accomplish…so much progress…Just think that a few weeks ago, daily users were approximately 3,000 per day. Now this number is above 15,000 per day and it shows to us the trust that people have for POSWallet and how much important is POSWallet for them. This could have never happened without the help and support from our large and active community!

 This weeks news are awesome, with a few new partnerships ready to go and send POSWallet to the Moon:

Coinomi Wallet POSW Listing

Coinomi is a Free, Secure, Source-Available, Multi-Coin Multi-Asset HD Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoins. Coinomi will offer POSW Coin full access to both Android and IoS users and the ease of having a full feature available mobile wallet for all our users! This is a great partnership and crucial for our community, since POSWallet mobile wallet lacks at the moment the full features of and it will give our users the ability to send and receive their POSW Coins at their will from their mobile phone. This is a great addition to POSWallet’s “armoury” and it will attract more people to it!

CoinGecko POSW Listing



POSW has been listed on CoinGecko, a CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization site which offers lots of information and lots of details, essential for true knowledge of the market, which leads you to make the best decisions for your crypto portfolio! Click here to check out every available info around POSW on every market. POSW Listing

Another partnership for POSWallet. provides info on CryptoCurrency markets! That’s how POSW is presented:

New POSWallet Promo Videos

One member of our great community, has shown immense activity on POSWallet and has proven to be not only very active, but much talented and most useful! This member is ‘’bella luna’’ from our slack channel and she has created a few amazing short, easy to understand promo videos about POSWallet. She also has been in contact with our marketing team in order to create more content about POSWallet. You can watch all the videos on our official POSWallet youtube channel here:


New Security System & Profile Section Updated


A new Security system has been installed to POSWallet in order to ensure maximum safety of our users portfolio from Ddos attacks and every other potential thread. Profile section has been updated, besides a cleaner view of your recent transactions and wallet balances, we have added the Term Deposits feature and a place for you to see all of your Referrals information.

We have more features coming soon as well, including account verification and voucher codes.

PutinCoin Listing on POSWallet

A new great addition to POSWallet’s coin portfolio is PutinCoin. PutinCoin is a Proof of Stake currency with the goal to support President Putin through the crypto industry! It has seen great growth over the last months in terms of price and volume and it has a huge community behind it to support it. Welcome Putin Coin to POSWallet.

Creditbit Migration Process

Creditbit is an important part of the POSWallet coin portfolio and it continues to surprises us all with its progress, not only in terms of price and volume, but in the technology it uses also. CreditBit is officially now an Ethereum Token, which means it has access now to all the platforms, wallets and services the Ethereum Ecosytem has to offer! In order to benefit from this incredible upgrade of CreditBit, you have to go through a ‘’migration process’’ of your coins, which is simple and it will only take you a few minutes to complete it. The entire process is explained with detailed instructions here: Keep up the good work CreditBit, you have a bright future ahead…

Collectible, Physical POSW Coin

Yeah, it’s true…POSW is coming to the real world in the form of a collectible, metal coin! We haven’t decided yet which metals will be used to forge it, but we will probably have a few different versions of it available. As for its design, we decided to organise a contest for it. We guess there are a few people out there who would like to see their initials and their design on a collectible coin that will last for hundreds of years…So, may the best design win! 

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report people. Roadmap is on the way, keep your fingers crossed because it will be a game changer! See you all on our next weekly…

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