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PoSWallet Weekly Report #8

Well…i don’t know how to begin really. Last days kept us rather busy and now we feel overwhelmed and proud and happy that all the work we’ve done, led us here, among the top currencies in the Crypto Industry.

Price and volume exploded from the coming of new investors and the understanding of many people that POSWallet is the most Complete and Useful Crypto Project ever created, reaching amazing heights, exceeding $0.11 in price and $5ook in daily volume:

The POSWallet community has shown high levels of self restraint and decency beyond every expectation! Other communities would react in a childish way and probably dump their coins on the first chance. We have come so far and seen such growth, that it’s difficult not to make more plans and design more features for POSWallet…and this is how POSWallet’s RoadMap was born:

POSWallet’s Roadmap is the most significant milestone until now and it will put in place all the other milestones for the future! And many members of POSWallet’s community stated that…It’ s a very impressive Roadmap, all of its milestones are achievable and realistic! As you can see on the Roadmap photo this April is very interesting, since more than 100 currencies will be listed and an exclusive POSWallet store is almost ready.

Many people are curious about the online store. All of the items can be purchased with POSW Coins. It will give the chance to the community to purchase various items, that will be POSWallet related like t-shirts, hats clothing in general, but…we plan to take it much further by giving the ability to purchase many crypto currency related items like Hardware wallets! We are already in contact with the strongest companies like Ledger, Keepkey and Tresor. And why not even someone be able to store his POSW Coins to one of these Hardware wallets? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And we reached Summer of 2017, probably the busiest time period of POSWallet’s Roadmap:

Many different features and upgrades are shown here. But there are some that are the most important of all: Blockchain explorer 2.0, Partnership with a non-profit Organization to help children in Africa, POSW mobile wallet with all the features and benefits of, Masternodes pools (this is really big), Paper wallet generator and finally Mining pools! As you may have understood already…POSWallet is becoming the ultimate Crypto Platform, that will contain a Huge Ecosystem with literally every tool, service, hardware etc for every Crypto Currency investor!

Finally winter is here (not the game of thrones winter):

300 staking Coins is POSWallet’ s goal till the end of the year. There is no other currency in the history of Crypto currency that will have 300 trading pairs! This fact will not only boost POSWallet further beyond every other antagonist, but it will give the chance that small coins need to step away from obscurity and become a significant part of the Market.

POSW Source Update to latest Bitcoin Core 0.14 is a crucial update which will give POSWallet more features, like compatibilities, implementations to instant payments services like credit-debit card providers, more secure, faster and stable network, faster transactions etc!

We will provide you with many more news over the next days. We are in contact with big exchanges and other crypto providers. Thank you all for being a part of the Crypto Currency future.

More articles and press releases will be published soon enough, in order to explain the different Milestones of the Roadmap and to announce new partnerships!

If you need to upgrade your withdrawal limit you have to send a scan of your passport or id with a photo of yourself holding it, here:, until the automated verification system is ready in a few days!

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