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PoSWallet Weekly Report #9

Hello all, Weekly Report #9 is here with lots of news and great new partnerships with famous Crypto companies and Providers! But first of all i would like to have the chance to congratulate the POSWallet community for exceeding 40,200 POSWallet Users and 1120 Slack members! This numbers really make me dizzy and i only imagine the bright future that lies ahead of us.

CoinPayments adds POSW Coin

This great partnership gives the choice to many merchants that own various online stores to implement and use POSW Coin as a safe and fast alternative way for payments! CoinPayments is probably the best Integrated payment merchant gateway for CryptoCurrencies, with over 65 supported Coins, PoSW Coin Included. CoinPayments has a vision and goal of making crypto broadly accessible to the both consumers & merchants through smart integrations with great companies in the digital money ecosystem. 

In order to attract more merchants to use PoSW Coin as a payments method through CoinPayments, we decided to make a really Generous offer to them. Every Merchant that implements PoSW Coin through CoinPayments will get :

An Entire Month of Free Advertisment within the PoSWallet Platform, giving them Access to more than 40,000 Active Users of the Platform! This is a major marketing boost for any merchant. Reaching additional customers and free marketing in one package.

Without no extra cost for merchants already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

PoSW Coin Hardware Wallet ICO

Yes it’s true, PoSWallet has teamed up with one of the greatest CryptoCurrency Hardware Wallet Providers, giving the choice to all the PoSW Coin investors to safely store their coins to a POSW logo engraved hardware wallet with a great collectible value! A new ICO market has been opened on the PoSWallet platform for the POSW Coin hardware wallet. 

The main advantage of using a Hardware Wallet is that your wallet’s private keys are isolated from your computer and not vulnerable to theft from trojans or other malware. The USB interface is tightly constrained and only allows a few operations like “sign this transaction”, none of which allow the keys to be retrieved from the device.

There will be 1000 tokens available for the price of 0.1 Bitcoin each. Make sure to purchase one Hardware Wallet or more, before they are gone by selecting the ICO icon here: adds PoSW Coin and PoSWallet Exchange provides a place for unbiased user reviewing and commenting on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and gambling sites.

Its goal is to help people make their decisions on where to trade and which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell by reading and writing reviews based on personal user experience with coins, exchanges and cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Quality reviews from users and important general information about every listing should help new cryptocurrency users to decide in which crypto to invest and where to safely buy and trade multiple crypto coins.

PoSWallet will be listed on over the next 24 hours!

New Improved Dividends Payment System

Starting in May, we are going to use a new dividend payment calculation based on time held and amount held in address (rather than just amount held at dividend block time). This idea is similar to the Proof-of-Stake-Time coin methods. This system will be much more fair and rewarding to those that hold an don’t dump! We will share more information about it soon!

Make sure you are holding POSW in the POSWallet exchange during dividends payment time and not in an external exchange address preferably, we can’t guarantee dividends payment on other exchanges. They don’t keep track of the addresses. adds PoSW Coin

The Crypto exhanges list that support PoSW Coin is getting longer with as the last entry, providing our community a POSW/BTC trading pair which you can find and trade here: is a rather new exchange with a user friendly interface and lots of potential. added PoSW Coin, the popular Android wallet has finally added PoSW Coin to its supported coins, which means that you can now store your PoSW Coins to your Android phone or tablet. Coinomi exists for sometime now and has proven to be a very stable, friendly and safe multiwallet. An IoS Coinomi wallet will be released soon.

A new codebase version has been implemented to the POSWallet platform with the following changes affect the frontend:

  • ICO system — including the LIMITED EDITION PoSW Hardware wallet. It’s already online.
  • Advertising page shows previous user campaigns
  • Wallet transaction ID display bugs fixed
  • Membership in profile correctly displays if multiple memberships purchased
  • Support center format updated, users can now close their own tickets
  • More streamlined menu system
  • Staking data API
  • 8 other display bugs users have reported

From the backend, the new codebase increases website speed and allows for more concurrent users. We have a few more updates to make to further increase speed.

The following wallets are now syncing correctly and are out of maintenance: HONEY, ZEIT, OK, XST. If you are missing a transaction in these wallets, refresh the block via the profile page. We are in touch with the 808 dev and we think we have a solution there as well.

All users that close their own support ticket will be entered into a weekly drawing for 1000 PoSW. Anyone who is found cheating (opening multiple pointless tickets) will be disqualified and account closed.

Missing Transactions

If you are missing a transaction, there are a few options to get it added quickly. First try refreshing the block via the profile page, then waiting 15 minutes. 99% of the time, this solves all of the problems. If this does not work, please either join Slack and talk to the support team or open a support center ticket — which we will answer as soon as we can.

The recent NAV downtime was due to the NAV wallet updates causing a fork. We have worked closely with the NAV team to get our wallet back online. If you are missing a transaction, we will get it fixed.

To share some details with the community: 0.08% of poswallet user transactions are ‘missed’ the first time through — either due to wallets being down, forks, etc. Of these 0.08%, 50% of those are caught by our cleanup scripts that go back and verify all blocks a second time, meaning the user does not even notice they are ‘missed’. The remainder are handled on an individual basis by our support team. We are always here to help. Just remember, some times it is not a issue that we are fixing — we are always working with the coin developers as well, which takes time.

We are bringing a few new servers online — some wallets will be in maintenance for the next hours.

Insane Coin Swap

The insane coin swap starts today at Nova, bear with us as we get all the withdrawals processed.  Any delayed withdrawals will be fixed asap. 

We are working with the Insane Coins dev to get the new insane coin wallet here over the weekend.

That’s all for this weeks Weekly Report. As you can see we are working 24/7 to bring more partnerships, deals and services to POSWallet! And we prove it to you almost every week with the announcements we are making. All the Roadmaps milestones will be achieved, although we might exceed timelines for some milestones but not too much. We will try to be as accurate to our timelines as possible. Have your eyes open for more announcements and see you to the next Weekly Report.

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