Satoshi Coin

Satoshi Coin is set to give investors a second chance on being part of something huge just like Bitcoin did in 2009!

The Revolutionary Token with Bitcoin-Inspired Staking Rewards!

Like Bitcoin, you can mine Satoshi Coin (SAT) or Stake SAT to earn more coins.

Satoshi Coin is currently running a presale and will launch on Uniswap DEX once the presale is concluded.


Satoshi Coin Has a Great And Enchanting Story And Narrative!

“After 13 Years Of Anonymity And Disappearance, Satoshi Nakamoto Is Back! 

With a renewed sense of purpose, Satoshi announced his plan to create the Satoshi Coin, a project that aimed to capture the essence of his original vision for a decentralized and sustainable digital currency. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Satoshi Coin would implement novel consensus mechanisms, designed to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while maintaining the core principles of decentralization and security.”

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Satoshi Coin Creates Something Which No Other Token Has Done So Far… Protect Real Long-Term Investors From Short-Term Investors, Game Changer!

Jeet protection is something that is needed to protect investors from short-term traders.

Short-term traders invest to scalp or swing a token for quick gains/profits which can hurt the chart outlook to new investors.

Satoshi Coin has a jeet protection system which does a few things:

  • Encourages long-term investors to invest
  • Discourages short-term traders
  • Protects the price and forces investors to exit slowly

After buying the jeet protection system allows an investor to exit 10% of their tokens per day.

This means that buy pressure will outweigh sell pressure in most cases, especially at launch, to allow us to grow and build a positive outlook for investors and serious speculators.

This will create FOMO and interest in Satoshi Coin as real investors are safe from short-term thinkers.


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Mine & Stake Satoshi Coin With a New Protocol, Enter PoCP

Satoshi Coin is mined by power without using power, an eco-friendly approach to mining and staking!

Proof of Computing Power (PoCP) is an innovative and eco-friendly coin mining algorithm that sets a new standard in the world of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms, PoCP harnesses users’ computers’ existing computational power without consuming the resources to produce new coins.

The core concept of PoCP revolves around reading the computer’s specifications, such as CPU, GPU, and RAM, to determine the power it contributes to the network. Based on this analysis, the algorithm then calculates the rewards that the user is entitled to, making it a fair and transparent system for distributing coins.

Both mining and staking will use the PoCP protocol and rewards will last until 2050, to ensure all SAT is rewarded during our lifetime.

PoCP In Simple Terms

  • The mining does not increase your power consumption because you are not using proof of work. 
  • The mining happens just like staking but your computer’s stats are used to verify your reward rate. 
  • The computer is not actually mining, just verifying that your system has power not actually using it. 
  • You are mining tokens based on power benchmark stats, not actual power. 
  • Unlike Bitcoin which needs to use your GPU power to solve the calculations. We are not doing any powerful work, there is no power needed to mine, just proof you have power.

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Satoshi Coin is here to change the landscape and provide investors with a safe and unique way to earn rewards in many ways whilst being involved in the protocol.

This is a unique concept which offers the same level of intrigue as Bitcoin did when it hit the market in 2009.

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The fact that Satoshi Coin offers achievable mining and staking to investors is also of great interest and one of the most bullish factors as Bitcoin is now for the rich and only mineable by the rich.

Satoshi Coin fills this gap and the demand for the token could skyrocket based on its design alone.





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