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PoSWallet started its journey not a long time ago. A PoS (Proof of Stake) Wallet to be used for all PoS Coins. But since then, PoSWallet has seen unparalleled progress by gradually progressing and transforming into a huge crypto currency Ecosystem, which contains a complete Crypto Curency Exchange, Memberships for all types of Investors, an amazing Referral program…But what is the fuel, the motivation, that runs and feeds the PoSWallet Ecosystem? The answer is PoSW Coin, the Currency of PoSWallet!

PoSW Coin is not just a simple coin like the majority of coins out there. It’s not only used for trading in several exchanges like Livecoin, Yobit, Cryptopia, Novaexchange etc, but it’s what makes PoSWallet’s Ecosystem alive by using it for every single action, operation and function within it! Everything from fees, memberships, referrals to the exchange voting system, are being paid in PoSW Coins.

For example, if you purchase a Silver membership:

The purchase will be made in PoSW Coins. The Staking rate of your deposited PoSW Coins will increase from 1% to 3% and you’ ll get a +1.25% referral deposit commission, in PoSW Coins of course!

Do you see what the result of using it as the main paying system inside PoSWallet is?

A bidirectional transfer of value, in an enclosed, never ending exchanging circle, between the PoSWallet platform and the Users.

This fact provides immense support on PoSW Coin value and holds most of the coins in the hands of the Users and gives PoSWallet the power to offer the best services to the Crypto Community, which so much needs and desires!


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