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Something amazing is happening to POSWallet over the last weeks. It’s so impressive actually, that is necessary to provide proof by posting some charts!

Page Views per SeSsion increasing

As you can see above Page Viewing on has exploded to almost 1,600,000 views per Month! People are spending more time on the site and visiting more POSWallet pages than ever.

Here we see daily page views increasing, month over month:

As you can see above, since last October daily page views have at least doubled and you see that each Month they are increasing exponentially! Almost 750k Monthly page views on October, a little more on November…here comes the good part… 100k on December, January gave us about 1110k and on February it explodes to the amazing 160k daily page views!
The same is shown below in bar chart form:
I can assure you, there are only a handful of CryptoCurrency projects out there that have such growth and get so much attention! The charts don’t lie. In fact all these info comes from Google Analytics and we are sharing them with our Community, because the Community makes POSWallet what it is now and what it’ll be in the Future.
Here is a wonderful chart that’s showing POSWallet’s great Uptrend from 1st to the 28th of February:
More than 98k sessions!, 18k users! 1,59 Million page views…It just keeps going up and that makes us really proud on what we’ve achieved over the last months and it gives us more strength to work harder to bring POSWallet where it deserves to be…To the top. Thank you all for supporting POSWallet.