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“FLiK Receives Private Investment; Updates ICO

For every FLIK token you purchase, you will receive 9 additional FLIK tokens at the conclusion of the sale.”


FLiK Entertainment Revolution


FLiK is an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem that allows for creative projects to be funded, filmed, distributed, and paid for all within the FLiK framework. This is a revolutionary approach to the development and distribution of entertainment as we know it.




Blockchain technology is a groundbreaking technology that are revolutionizing the way companies conduct business in the 21st century. However, these technologies are still in the early stages of adoption. Consequently, many new business use applications are being marketed to bridge the gap between technical complexity and usability of Blockchain. The potential in this growing market along with increasing deployment of Blockchain business applications and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Dash, makes new projects extremely appealing for both start-ups and Blockchain enthusiasts alike.


FLiK is a young and innovative company that aims to bring creative entertainment projects to life, and give creatives from around the world the opportunity to earn a living in an inherently difficult industry.

Specifically, our goals are:

  • To develop an online distribution platform that will allow creatives to sell / rent their work.
  • To fund a slate (grouping) of unique and creative entertainment projects that might not otherwise receive funding.



Currently, we are working with various creatives to identify qualified entertainment projects to fund.  Additionally, we are in the process of developing our online viewing platform that allows creatives to sell / rent their projects.  The platform will be launched and hosted at

Our ultimate objective is to fund creative film and television projects and give all such projects an online home on a unique and innovate viewing platform that benefits the creatives.

FLiK Funding

Traditional film and television funding is an arduous, antiquated, and time-consuming process involving a host of bankers, lawyers, and investors. Funding a film or television show often takes years and sometimes decades. It doesn’t have to be like this.  FLiK works with qualified creatives and Producers to get projects funded quickly and efficiently.

The projects that FLiK helps fund will be available exclusively on the FLiK platform, therefore it is imperative that FLiK develops the right projects. Deciding what projects to fund and develop is certainly not easy.  FLiK has developed the following five criteria to determine if a project is “green-lit”:
  • Story – Every successful project begins and ends with a good story.  The FLiK team will evaluate scripts based on the uniqueness of the story, its intended audience, and overall appeal. 
  • Economic Viability – Once a script has been approved, it will be compared against similar projects to determine the overall success of such projects. In the industry, this is called “comps”. 
  • The Budget – After the script has been approved, and an economic viability demonstrated, FLiK will determine if the project can be Produced within a reasonable budget.  
  • Production Team – FLiK will determine if the Production team (Producer, Director, Writer) have the ability to produce the project on-time and on-budget. 
  • Sales Strategy – FLiK will analyze the sales and distribution strategy presented by the Production team to ensure it’s a viable approach in maximizing FLiK’s investment and reaching the largest audience possible.

FLiK Distribution

FLiK’s online distribution and viewing platform is another key component of our business strategy, and will be available at It will provide viewers with the opportunity to discover new and exciting film and television projects, and will provide a platform for creatives to keep the lion’s share of the profits.  The essential highlights include:

  • Familiarity – The FLiK platform will feel intuitive and similar in functionality to other online platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo. 
  • Discoverability – Because FLiK is catering to independent filmmakers and television creatives, our platform will allow viewers to discover new and interesting projects that they might not otherwise have access to. 
  • ​FLiK Tokens – FLiK tokens will allow token holders to rent or purchase projects, and will grant token holders access to premium features and subscriptions that will not be available to the general public.


Web Development Screenshots



Mobile App Development Screenshots

FLiK Tokens

FLiK tokens will be able to rent or purchase film and television projects on the FLiK platform. Additionally, we aim to integrate with additional viewing platforms to allow them to utilize FLiK tokens; these platforms could include: iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, Google Play, Roku, Redbox, Fandango, Vudu, and many more.  As additional platforms integrate with FLiK, FLiK token holders will have increased options to spend their tokens.  In addition to FLiK tokens, additional payment options on the FLiK platform will include: fiat currency and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.  FLiK tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens.

Integrated Viewing Platforms

In addition to the FLiK viewing platform, we aim to integrate with additional platforms in order to allow viewers the most convenient viewing options for their needs.  These additional platforms could include platforms such as:

FLiK Team


FLiK was founded by Ryan Felton, an entertainment executive in Atlanta, GA.  Mr. Felton has a proven history of founding successful entertainment-related businesses, and has worked with a multitude of television networks, corporate brands, and film & television shows. Recent projects include: ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Monday Night Football’, ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’, and ‘National Geographic’.

​Additionally, Ryan has Produced and/or Directed such artists & celebrities as: Shaquille O’Neal, John Cena, T.I., Usher, Ludacris, and John Walsh. Ryan is frequent speaker at film and television industry events to address such issues as film finance, State-backed production incentives, and emerging trends within the industry.  He is also a longtime member of the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP).

​Trivia:  Ryan Produced and Directed the first ever Bitcoin-related television commercials. The commercials were created for BitPay and were broadcast nationwide on ESPN in December of 2013 during the ‘Bitcoin Bowl’ college football bowl game.

 T.I. (Clifford Harris) is an American rapper and actor from Atlanta, Georgia. He signed his first major-label record deal in 1999, with Arista subsidiary LaFace. In 2001, Mr. Harris formed the Southern hip hop group P$C, alongside his longtime friends and fellow Atlanta-based rappers. Upon being released from Arista, he signed to Atlantic and subsequently became the co-chief executive officer (CEO) of his own label imprint, Grand Hustle Records, which he launched in 2003. Mr. Harris is also perhaps best known as one of the artists who popularized the hip hop subgenre trap music, along with Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

T.I. has released nine studio albums, with seven of them reaching the top five of the US Billboard 200 chart. Throughout his career, he has also released several highly successful singles, including “Bring Em Out”, “Whatever You Like”, “Live Your Life” (featuring Rihanna), “Dead and Gone” (featuring Justin Timberlake), “Ball” (featuring Lil Wayne) and “No Mediocre” (featuring Iggy Azalea). T.I. gained major recognition in 2003, following his first high-profile feature, on fellow Atlanta-based rapper Bone Crusher’s hit single, “Never Scared”. He earned more prominence with the release of Trap Muzik (2003), which includes the Top 40 hits, “Rubber Band Man” and “Let’s Get Away”. The next year, he appeared on Destiny’s Child’s international hit, “Soldier”, alongside Lil Wayne. His subsequent albums, King and T.I. vs. T.I.P., generated high record sales and were supported by popular singles, such as “What You Know” and “Big Shit Poppin'”, respectively.

Harris’ sixth album, Paper Trail (2008), became his most successful project, with the album being certified gold for first-week sales of over 500,000 copies in the United States, additionally making it his third consecutive number one album. In 2013, he was featured on Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines”, alongside Pharrell Williams, which peaked at number one on several major music charts. In November 2013, he announced that he had signed with Columbia Records, after his 10-year contract with Atlantic came to an end. He released his Columbia Records debut, Paperwork, in October 2014. In February 2016, he announced a distribution deal with Roc Nation, to release his tenth album. T.I. has won three Grammy Awards, namely Best Rap Solo Performance, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Mr. Harris has also had a successful acting career, starring in the films ATL, Takers, Get Hard, Identity Thief, and Ant-Man. He is also a published author, having written two novels Power & Beauty (2011) and Trouble & Triumph (2012), both of which were released to moderate success. He has also starred in the American reality television series T.I.’s Road to Redemption and T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

​Trivia: In 2009, Billboard ranked T.I. as the 27th Artist of the 2000s decade.​

 As the co-founder of BitPay, Tony Gallippi has been responsible for a number of large businesses adopting bitcoin payments. During the surge of popularity of bitcoin, Gallippi was featured regularly in the media discussing bitcoin and BitPay. Around the same period, comparisons were drawn between BitPay and PayPal, with some including CNN, suggesting that one day processors like BitPay could eventually replace conventional online payment systems such as PayPal.

In 2013, BitPay became the largest processor of bitcoin payments worldwide, and began securing partnerships with major companies like Microsoft, Intel, VISA, Newegg, Shopify, and more.

Gallippi was invited by the US Senate to speak about bitcoin and the financial markets in November 2013. He stated that fraud coming from credit card payments costs businesses in the United States around $20 billion each year, and bitcoin is a far more secure form of payment for ecommerce.

In 2017 BitPay is processing bitcoin payments at a rate exceeding $1 Billion per year and rapidly growing B2B payments over the bitcoin rails.

The FLiK team is not new to the film and entertainment industries.  We own and operate several businesses within the film, television, and entertainment space and have worked with several well known entertainment and other established brands, including: ABC, NBC, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, WebMD, ESPN, BET, Under Armour, and many more. FLiK’s entertainment-related owned businesses include: AVA | Atlanta Video & Advertising, Big Peach Studios,, and Felton Films. In short, the FLiK team understands the industry and knows how to start, run, and grow a successful business.

Big Peach Studios is a film & television studio with 27,000 sq. ft. of studio space, production facilities, and amenities. They also rent professional industry gear to provide the tools that projects need for their production.​ Big Peach was named the 2016 and 2017 ‘Movie Studio of the Year’ in the Atlanta area, and have hosted a wide-variety of film and television  projects. has been an industry leading resource for the film, television, and entertainment industry, since 2011.  The site provides news and opinion as well as technical analysis for the industry, and has a social media following of more than 175,000. Casting Exchange will serve as a news source to help promote and raise awareness for FLiK related projects.



Felton Films is a film production company based in Atlanta, GA.  Their mission is to produce films that highlight significant historical events or raise awareness and understanding of current social issues. They are responsible for the funding, development, and distribution deals of the films we collaboratively develop.  To put it simply, they will make and sell films.



While our initial focus is on the film and television industries, FLiK is also thinking longterm.  We envision additional use cases and applications for FLiK in other industries such as Music and Gaming.  This ensures that FLiK is around for the longterm, and becomes increasingly popular.

Why is FLiK Having a Crowdsale?

We want to offer an opportunity for everyone to become involved in the early stages of this exciting project, and create an opportunity for everyone to be part of this revolutionary movement. And here’s what makes FLiK so unique – the more FLiK token users use our platform, the more prosperous it becomes for the creatives, and the more rewards token holders enjoy.  Additionally, the more FLiK tokens become adopted and integrated with additional viewing platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, etc, the options for FLiK token holders to utilize their tokens is greatly increased.  

In addition to FLiK tokens being utilized for online viewing and online perks reserved exclusively for FLiK token holders, they may redeemable for a variety of real-life offers that are also reserved exclusively for FLiK token holders.  These can include:

  • Access to in-person events with the cast and crew for FLiK funded projects
  • Access to a film set during production for FLiK funded projects
  • Access to private film screenings and premiers for FLiK funded projects

About the Crowdsale

A total of 540,000,000 (out of 600,000,000) tokens will be sold, with the maximum number of tokens ever created also being 600,000,000.  The tokens will be sold for 0.002 ETH.  FLiK tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens. Any unsold tokens will be distributed to FLiK’s management team. Funds from the sale will be allocated in the following manner:

  • 30% will be used to develop and deploy the FLiK viewing platform.
  • 20% will be used to funding unique and creative projects over a 3 year period.​
  • 15% will be used for licensing content from established studios.
  • 15%  will be used for marketing and promotion of the FLiK platform.​
  • 10%  will be used for implementation with additional viewing platforms.​
  • 10% will be held by the FLiK management team.


  • 0.002 ETH = 1 FLiK
  • 0.02ETH = 10 FLiK
  • 0.2 ETH = 100 FLiK
  • 2.0 ETH = 1,000 FliK


Blockchain technologies are changing the world and FLiK wants to be there when it happens by offering an innovative platform and cryptographic token that will change the way entertainment projects are funded, distributed, and paid for.

With this Token Crowdsale we’re offering you a new business model, which in our vision is bound to succeed. 

​Join the entertainment revolution!




Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience, through the blockchain



Here’s what makes us different from the rest.

Verification System

The full implementation of a trinary multisignature protocol that will require a sign off from all parties (Insurance, Pharmacies, Doctors) involved in the transaction. This will provide data integrity to healthcare transactions and fraud prevention, to keep the process of filling prescriptions transparent.

Medical Records Management

Cryptographically securing the storage and encrypting the transfer of all medical data across hospitals, pharmacies, insurances, all on the blockchain. Multisignature sign off required for the dispensation of any data to third parties.

Artificial Intelligence

We’re building our neural network to be trained on medical professionals, assisting them in narrowing diagnosis for patients and identifying potential risk factors early on.




–== Creditbit status update ==—


Dear Community,

We are working hard to develop all the Smart Contracts and CreditBit features that we promissed, here are some abstracts on our progress.

CreditDAO and CreditIDENTITY Smart Contracts are almost finished, due to interlacing of both we had to develop IDENTITY first. We also solved the financial part and testing the whole system. We will deploy contracts on testing networks today to live test all features. IDENTITY will probably be deployed on the main-net by tomorrow evening. We will post updates as soon as it happens.

CreditDAO Executive Board members will have some dedicated powers, so there is plenty of room for you, members of Community, to participate in the future development of CreditDAO and Community as a whole. Elections will be fired soon after the deployment of both Contracts on the main network, we will announce them to start the candidature.


Although this rather small and simple Smart Contract seemed like an easy task, we had to review our thinking process along the way.

Each user will be able to establish an identification Account, with several Ethereum Addresses attached to it. An account is also connected to several identification fields (name, surname, address…). This way, a person can disclose his identity and all Ethereum addresses that belong to him/her.

First question was whether to enable full identification of a person with several dedicated fields, or just basic identification with one big text field. We decided, that in a first version of CreditIDENTITY, an Account should only have max. 10 basic fields, but additional fields can also be added to extend the basic set. Each Address can also have a quickname.

Each identity account can attach unlimited number of Ethereum address to it, and this transaction is verified from the owner of the account and the owner of the Ethereum address (handshake principle), to prevent people to attach addresses, that don’t belong to them, to their personal account.

Personal information will not be verified for now, but one address (the Facilitator/Administrator) will have the power to delete accounts in case they would contain insulting, threatening, misleading, offensive… information. The history of each account will be tracked, but the owner will be able to update personal information at any time.

To create a convenient way to interact with these Smart Contracts, we are going to create an application, that will help you to establish your accounts. Detailed information about how to do it directly from your wallet will not be published for now, as we find it inpractical to use Smart Contract this way.

Webpage is also updated: CreditIDENTITY

DAPP (in development)

Have a little sneak-peak in our DAPP, how do you like the frontend? It is under active development, we are doing our best to deliver it soon after the DAO is published on main-net.


These Smart Contracts are even harder to think over. Developing must take into account several “human” aspects, like inactivity, resignation, incomplete applications, candidature, etc. We must also include features like rights transmission, mandate expiration, etc.

This is why most of these contracts have to be extensible, upgradable and flexible. Most probably first version of both contracts will not cover all requirements, also probably some will emerge after the practical usage of the DAO. We are planning to start with developing version 2 of both contracts right after the deployment of the first version. We avoided some quite neat features in the first version, that would require just to much of our time.

First elections for the Elected Commons will start really soon, they should be over by the end of July, if no obstacles will occur. There are still many problems to tackle, as distributed application is also developed in parallel.

Executive Board with all sub-funds will be generated at once and filled with CRBITs that were created and locked at the migration. After the elections of the Elected Commons and consequently the elections of Executive Board, the right to manage these sub-funds will be granted to EB members.

We would like to stress again, that all candidates for EB will have to reveal their identity with CreditIDENTITY, personal data will be verified by the Community to guarantee that it represent a true person. We would like to attract trustworthy, technologically versed and recognizable persons to candidate for the place in the EB.

So, keep your shorts on, because the DAO will be released really soon after the IDENTITY!!!

–== Markets/Media update ==—

Online public meeting

We are short of time to push forward this meeting at the moment, but we are most definitely going to create this event as soon as both Smart Contracts are deployed. Probably in next 2 weeks we will announce the themes/subjects and the channels.

Market Price

Last days the price spiked again, but generally it is stabilized and is showing a positive trend again. We are doing our best to join some other Crypto exchanges but sadly they also have some technical problems with new Ethereum Tokens.

Meanwhile, average of 400.000$ worth of trading is executed each day in the exchange markets and rising. Our plan is to reach 1M$ of a daily trade till the election of the Executive Board.

There has been a lot of positive media coverage about the project just to show you some of the articles:










Gene-Chain Coin (DNA) is the medium of exchange for the Gene-Chain blockchain, described in our white paper and recent news articles including recently in Forbes. It is to be generated by nodes on the Gene-Chain and exchanged as the medium for transactions on the network. The number of total tokens will depend on the miners involved in the private network, as well as by the genomic data that will populate the Gene-Chain. Not all users of the Gene-Chain will mine at the same rates and some will not mine at all, so they will seek DNA on the crypto markets.

The total DNA supply will be 100,00,000. From them 10 mil are for Core Team, 5 mil for Marketing, 5 mil for bonuses and the rest 80 mil for sale. For our token sale we are offering 80,000,000 tokens and capping our offering at 1000 BTC realized in the crowdsale. For the first week, 1 BTC buys 80,000 Gene-Chain Coins. We are using a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) for the exchange as the tokens are to be mined as the Gene-Chain grows. The SAFT is a safe and legal, binding contract for the purchase of unmined tokens. Purchasers via the SAFT will receive their tokens in their wallets at the conclusion of our crowdfund of 1000BTC. Wallets will be available August 1, 2017 and DNA transferred first to ICO participants until remuneration is complete.

Procedure for the Token Sale:

Send any amount of BTC, ETH, Dash, LTC, or ETC to the addresses on this page and fill in the form you will find there. You will receive within 24 hours a signed SAFT agreement, and wallets will be distributed as soon as we reach our goal.

Beginning at 9 am ET June 1, 2017, Users can fill out a web form on the Gene-Chain page of the Encrypgen website indicating their Name, BTC address, and amount of BTC to be used for purchase.

Confirmation emails will be sent within 24 hours of each email received via the webform indicating customer # (beginning at #1), projected bonuses involved in the purchase, and total tokens to be credited to the purchaser for the purchase once completed. The SAFT will be attached indicating these figures and must be completed by the purchaser and signed. The customer will be given in that email the BTC address to which the transfer must be made.

Once Encrypgen receives the completed SAFT and confirmation of BTC received by Encrypgen, the SAFT will be countersigned and returned to the purchaser within 24 hours of receipt of BTC by Encrypgen. The purchase shall be considered complete upon receipt of BTC by Encrypgen for the purposes of the sale.

Tokens in wallets will be transferred to purchasers July 19, 2017

Bonuses: There are bonuses both for early purchases and size of investment

Early adopter bonus: each week the amount that 1 BTC buys deceases by 5% (except weeks 5-7), so: 1st week -> 80k, 2nd week -> 76k, 3rd week -> 72k, 4th week -> 68k, 5th week -> 64k, 6th week -> 60k

Purchases over 5 BTC will get 5% extra. Biggest purchase will get 1,000,000 extra Gene-Chain Coins. You can buy GCC with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dash (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC).

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”The Gene-Chain-VendorPresent”]


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Monaco – Press Release”]