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EXMR Monero (30th March – 30th May)

  SALE ENDS IN            Total supply of token: 15 Million EXMR ICO price of token: 0.10 cents Smart contract address:   0xc98e0639c6d2ec037a615341c369666b110e80e5   Disrupting The $1.8 Trillion Global Payment System.  EXMR MONERO ℠  is focused on revolutionizing the global payment system and fostering financial inclusion for the millions of people who are excluded from the …

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SMARTRealty (1st February – 15th May)

  SALE ENDS IN             PRE-SALE ENDS ON 15TH FEBRUARY (50% BONUS)   RLTY is an ERC20 Token 1 RLTY = 0.0008 ETH RLTY SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS:  0xbe99B09709fc753b09BCf557A992F6605D5997B0   ICO Address:  0x44A16F9F7c67baFCbeB5D04a5D1f6248b1222ff7   If you are trying to buy RLTY tokens, send ETH to the ICO address above. If …

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Keen (31st March – 31st December)

  PRE SALE STARTS IN PRE SALE ENDS IN SALE STARTS IN SALE ENDS IN         Urban public transportation will become increasingly crowded and unsustainable in the future that will result in an increased dependency on ride-hailing corporations like Uber and Lyft to handle transportation needs of the common people. As importance …

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Mokenex (22nd January – 13th March)

Tokens 17 million: ERC20 standard, 18 decimals – Symbol: MOKN Distribution 15.2 million: public offer 1 million: developers and core contributors 300.000: community promo campaign 500.000: reserved fund (developer rewards&liquidity) BONUS Mokenex has increased the rate for ICO. Now for 1 ETH you get 10.000 Mokens. This will be valid …

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Setcoin is a Verified Cryptocurrency from Inserviss, Powered by Blockchain

Inserviss Platform ( is a global service marketplace that connects service providers (barbers, nail and hair care specialists, massage specialists, dentists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, private tutors, teachers, personal trainers,  etc) and customers online. Inserviss allows service providers to create profiles, publish their services, list their offers and prices, setup their …

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